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AFL Links With Nightlife Music In Global Content Partnership

Nightlife Music has announced a global content partnership with the AFL, that will see the sport’s greatest moments showcased on screens in Australia and internationally. Just weeks from the finals, Nightlife the deal aims to...

Australasian Leisure Management

Year-Round AFL coming to pub screens

[With] less than four weeks until the 2019 Grand Final, entertainment provider Nightlife has secured a global content partnership with the AFL to bring highlights goodness every day of the year. The Australian Football League (AFL) remains the most widely viewed code around the country, boasting teams from all mainland states and fans across all demographics. The new content stream…


Nightlife at the Museum [Video]

Rarely heard Brisbane musical treasures have been uncovered and will be included in Museum of Brisbane’s highly anticipated exhibition High Rotation from 30 August 2019-19 April 2020.

The Today Show

Background music comes to the fore

When you go to your favourite cafe, to a fashion store, a restaurant, a shopping centre or the gym, more often than not music will be playing. It is so prevalent in our daily lives that we rarely stop to think about it.

The Australian

David O'Rourke, Nightlife CEO

Attuned to success - Case study featuring Nightlife Music CEO David O'Rourke

Have you ever wondered who is behind the music video playlist that gets your blood pumping at the gym or the nostalgic soundtrack at your local pub? David O’Rourke is the CEO of Nightlife, a Brisbane-based entertainment company specialising in providing music subscription services to businesses.

Brisbane City Council - Business In Brisbane August 2019

Lawn bowlers like to jack up the music

When it comes to the music choices of lawn bowlers, unlike the game they play, there's no end! Across the country many bowls clubs have been hooked on featuring music to create the right vibe on the green and in the clubhouse.

Bowls Plus Magazine Aug/Sep 2019

Museum of Brisbane turns up the volume for High Rotation

Get a backstage pass to three epic decades of Brisbane’s incredible music scene, as Museum of Brisbane’s High Rotation exhibition takes centre stage from 30 August 2019 – 19 April 2020. The exhibition includes interactive in-venue technology crowdDJ, presented by Nightlife, which allows you to create and curate your own music festival via an all-Brisbane-based playlist.

Museum of Brisbane

Nightlife Music is bringing crowdDJ to World Expo 2020

The World Expo 2020 in Dubai will feature a pavilion soundtracked by Brisbane tech company Nightlife Music. Nightlife is the official content partner for the Australian Pavilion – one of 190 national exhibits – and will be tasked with showcasing hundreds of Aussie musicians.

The Music Network

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