Our Story.

Who are we?

Whether dining, shopping, working-out, meeting friends for a drink, bowling, taking a holiday on a cruise or checking in to a hotel, chances are the music and great visuals have been curated and put there by Nightlife.

Nightlife services over 4,500 clients across all industries from hospitality, fitness, retail, accommodation, leisure, dining, cruising, education and entertainment.

Nightlife’s world first innovation – crowdDJ®- with over 30 Million songs picked – has revolutionised the out-of-home experience, allowing people to choose their music.

It’s a full-circle success story that all started in 1989, when Mark Brownlee and Tim de Souza, two schoolmates, both engineers who loved music, invented a video jukebox so they could play the music they wanted when they went out.

Just as crowdDJ® does now.

The pair took over one bedroom of a share house to build and design the video jukebox from scratch and have grown from employing 5 people to a 120 strong workforce with a strong ethical focus on respecting the rightful owners of the music.

Still a wholly owned and Australian based-business, Nightlife has evolved and thrived through every incarnation of technology and is scaling globally at speed across New Zealand, Asia, the UK and beyond with international clients and brands able to access Nightlife’s music and content from anywhere.


We like to share the love and we are actively involved in several community causes both within Australia and internationally. These charities perform exceptional work and benefit those in need - we are proud to support them.

World Vision

World Vision provides relief in emergency situations and works on long-term community development projects.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders works in nearly 70 countries providing medical aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation.


RSPCA prevents cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection as well as operating animal care and adoption facilities.

Cancer Council Queensland

Cancer Council Queensland is dedicated to improving quality of life for people living with cancer, through research, patient care, prevention and early detection.

Ecological Sustainability.

We are always doing our best to reduce our impact on the environment and increase our sustainability. Responsible use of resources is something that is threaded throughout our staff and operations.

Simply Cups

Simply Cups provides a forward thinking waste management solution aimed at recycling waste that usually goes to land-fill.

Electric Vehicle Fleet

We use a fleet of electric vehicles for all local transportation and have on-site charging stations for staff owned electric vehicles.

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