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With a huge library of playlists for any event, and features like karaoke or jukebox, Nightlife gives your guests the guarantee of a trip they won’t forget.

A reputation you can trust.

We are the premium music subscription service for cruise ships.

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Trusted Team.

With over 90 staff, a dedicated cruise team, and an extensive partner portfolio, Nightlife knows how to deliver the best internationally licensed music.

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Trusted Experts.

Nightlife has continually showcased experience and capability in providing innovative music solutions for the cruise ship sector.

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Trusted Globally.

Over 5,000 businesses across Australia, NZ & the UK, and over 80 vessels around the world count on Nightlife for their music every day.

Working with brands big and small.

Nightlife is a music and entertainment solution that can be configured to suit any cruise - from seniors and adults only to all-ages and family. It can be integrated with any audio-visual system and set up for any event, no matter the time or location.

The Nightlife Music Experience with Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian’s experience prior to Nightlife was much more traditional. Pens, books, papers etc. We wanted to get something that could provide a lot of music that was modern, current and that would keep us up to date.
It benefits guests by making a lot easier to facilitate some of the things that they love to do. It gives them a lot of choice in the song selection.
What really drove it home for us was the karaoke solution. We were able to adopt that across the fleet. What keeps us going is the incredible support we get from the Nightlife team. It's just been a great partnership. It’s made things a lot easier.

Richard Lugo - Senior Specialist, Entertainment

Don’t just take our word for it.

"As an entertainment and partnership expert in the cruise industry, I have been exposed to a wide variety of solutions and options to enhance a passengers onboard experience. When pioneering Nightlife Music, it took our entertainment to the next level and delivered beyond expectations a memorable experience for our passengers and increasing staff morale.

Nightlife’s complete solution allowed us to achieve more than just music; it gave us full control over the audio and visual atmosphere and is personalised to different ships. The 24hr support and the collaboration to introduce this innovation was an industry first. We didn’t buy equipment. We joined a team."

Senior Director Innovation & Business Operations
Princess Cruises

Music by design.

Your music deserves the same attention to detail that your crew offers guests. We design ship-specific playlists according to a range of factors including demographics, time of day, events and entertainment requirements onboard.

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Hand Picked.

With access to all the world's music, our DJs and Music Consultants ensure your soundtrack is always on-brand and on-trend.

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Perfectly Mixed.

Every track in Nightlife has been re-mastered and professionally produced to ensure optimal quality and seamless song transitions.

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Always Fresh.

Mix and match our range of music lists to create a fresh soundtrack for any space or event onboard.

The art of curating music.

Scaling down from a library of countless hours of music and video, our dedicated team of content curators pull together choice selections of tracks to create high-quality playlists and soundtracks.

Commercial quality production.

Our team of music professionals produce and prepare our audio and video for all leisure and recreational environments onboard, ensuring optimal audio quality, consistent volume and perfect mixing every time.

Expand guest experience with music on demand.

crowdDJ is our consumer pick-and-play app that maximises guest experience through music.

Using different modes, guests can queue their favourite songs, pick karaoke sing-alongs or even play host DJ!

It’s a perfect solution for any space or event, including in teen clubs, at the bar or for private parties.

Guests pick the music. The crew stays in control.
Using a Nightlife Tablet, the crew can quickly and easily manage selections - ensuring the music always matches the moment and the crowd.

Scan To Play with crowdDJ®

Customers scan a QR code from your ship’s screens to access the crowdDJ® web app and queue songs from your brand-safe crowdDJ® library!

A 24/7 music manager

Manage My Nightlife places the entire Nightlife library at your crew’s fingertips for complete control and music management.

From our easy-to-use Nightlife Tablet, staff can create a smooth background mood to suit the speakeasy or make music the entertainment epicenter for fun and games at a family event.

Built with cruising in mind.

Designed to complement external entertainers or dial up the atmosphere at a moment’s notice, Nightlife's entertainment technology is a single solution built to save time and money when planning and hosting onboard events.

Online And Offline Capability

Download updates while docked, then press play and sail away offline.

Karaoke Entertainment

Guests can take the stage with crowdDJ Karaoke, singing their anthems alongside friends and family.

More than just a Jukebox

crowdDJ makes guests feel like they’re in the DJ Booth! Our hand-curated content ensures every selection has the best audio quality and all play seamlessly, one after another.

A Mobile Music System

Got a party on the pool deck at 6PM and an event in the atrium at 7PM? Our Mobile Music System is grab-and-go, meaning set up is quick and crew can take it anywhere.

The perfect visual mix.

Your advertising and communications can be scheduled across multiple sites and locations so that guests see the perfect mix of entertainment and information on every voyage.

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Ambient Visuals.
Your Advertising.
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Guarantee your guests a trip they won't forget.

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