Pub Trivia Fun For Everyone.

Challenge patrons to put their knowledge to the test with InnQUIZitive’s pub trivia content, now available on Nightlife.

Guaranteed fun for any crowd, any day of the week.

Hosted via a Nightlife Media Player, InnQUIZitive puts the power of pub trivia nights into the hands of any venue. Enabling them to host engaging, dynamic trivia events for consumers!

Trivia on your terms.

Tailored events

A self-hosted structure puts venue owners and operators in complete control of the timing, format, structure and marketing of their trivia events.

Simple Connectivity

Trivia events are delivered via a Nightlife Media Player, which can be easily connected to existing AV set ups with screens and sound.

Always Fresh

InnQUIZitive’s team provide the latest in trivia night content, with new quizzes available weekly to keep consumers coming back for more.

Easy-To-Use Design

Manage trivia events from a laptop, mobile phone or even a Nightlife Tablet! Review new quizzes, display scoreboards and much more.

More entertainment means new opportunities.

Increase Dwell Time!

Consumers might come for the trivia, but they’ll stay for your great atmosphere.

Boost Numbers!

The ability to host on-demand trivia equips you with new tools to target off-peak periods.

Create a Loyal Community!

With 120+ trivia events every week, we know consumers love our knowledge tests.

Sounding good already?

Click here to contact us for trivia!

How it works.

  • Haven’t already got a Nightlife Media Player? First, let's get you sorted.

    You’ll be connected with a Nightlife Music representative to coordinate the sending, set up and onboarding required to get a Media Player into your venue.  

  • Nightlife Media Player connected? Tell InnQUIZitive it’s time for trivia!

    The InnQUIZitive team will have everything you need from answers keys for hosts to booklets for participants, they’ll send it to you in the lead up to trivia events 

  • Ready to go? Press play with Nightlife Music.

    Your trivia host can use their phone, a laptop or a Nightlife Tablet to control the Media Player and present the event via venue screens. Then, all that’s left is to crown the winner! 

Add brain games to your entertainment rotation!

With all levels of topics and general knowledge, there’s something for every crowd - guaranteeing smiles all round, a buzzing atmosphere and a night to remember! Contact us now to discover how you can use Nightlife and InnQUIZitive’s integrated service to add trivia nights to your venue’s entertainment rotation.

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