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Licensed music for your business.

Nightlife sources, supplies and manages your music.

A OneMusic Australia license gives you the permission to play it.

Understanding Music Licensing Obligations

When you use music in a commercial Australian setting, whether that’s at a gym, in a pub, onboard a cruise ship, in a storefront or even for a private event in a commercial space, you need permission from the rightsholders to play it.

To gain this permission, you must purchase a license from music rights organisation OneMusic Australia.

When you join Nightlife Music, you must ensure you have a license from OneMusic Australia. This is not included in your Nightlife Music membership.

  • What is OneMusic Australia?

    OneMusic Australia is a joint initiative of Australasia’s two music rights management organisations representing music creators – APRA AMCOS and PPCA.   

    Together, they collect the royalties for the sound recording and musical works copyrights of thousands of local and international artists.   

  • How do Nightlife and a OneMusic license work together?

    Using Nightlife Music in conjunction with a OneMusic Australia license guarantees you can play copyrighted music without infringement.   

    Once you’ve obtained a OneMusic Australia license, Nightlife Music is the vehicle that sources and delivers all the content that you now have permission to play! 

    Our dedicated, in-house music team curates tracks from thousands of artists, labels, producers and other partners, into genre, mood and event music lists that you can play in your business. 

    The Nightlife Media Player, and its supporting apps crowdDJ and Manage My Nightlife, are the tools you use to create your venue’s soundtrack and play music to engage and entertain your customers. 

  • Why should I use Nightlife Music as my licensed music supplier?

    Nightlife Music is registered with OneMusic Australia as a background music supplier. As a result, when you choose to work with us, you can receive a discount on your OneMusic Australia license fee! 

    To access this, select the ‘Get A Quote’ button for a license on the OneMusic Australia website.  

    Then, when preparing your quote, simply select the ‘Background Music Supplier’ option when asked about how your music is supplied.  

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