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Don’t just play their faves, hand them the mic!

With crowdDJ® Karaoke for businesses, guests take centre stage to sing their picks loud and proud.

Singing isn’t just for the shower.

crowdDJ's integrated Karaoke system for businesses uses your guests' favourite anthems to get them out of their comfort zone and singing centre stage at your venue.

Via the crowdDJ app, a Nightlife Tablet or a crowdDJ Kiosk, participants can select the songs they want to sing from our Karaoke library – one of the world’s largest licensed collections.

Once they’ve added them to the queue, all that’s left to do is warm up the vocal cords.

Karaoke crowdDJ

Karaoke solutions for every party.

With three different modes, crowdDJ Karaoke for business has been designed to suit any function - from private parties to guest-led Karaoke nights to official Karaoke events.

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Mode 1: Karaoke Event

Karaoke Event is for official, hosted Karaoke functions.

Event hosts have complete control of song selections and can manage singer requests as required.

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Mode 2: Guest-Hosted Karaoke

Guest-Hosted Karaoke is for private Karaoke parties.

Singers add song requests using the crowdDJ app and have complete playback control.

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Mode 3: Karaoke Jukebox

Karaoke Jukebox is for a casual, informal Karaoke offering.

When activated, song requests made via the crowdDJ app play automatically and require no host management.

A suite of additional features.

Karaoke events need more than back to back anthems. That's why crowdDJ Karaoke has a range of supporting features to turn your function into one that guests won't soon forget.

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App For Karaoke Hosts

Our control app empowers venue staff and Karaoke Hosts to keep functions on track.

With Manage My Nightlife, users can manage song selections, singer order, explicit content filtering, repeat requests and much more.

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Automatic Background Music

Say goodbye to awkward silences between singers with Nightlife's background music feature.

Via the Manage My Nightlife app, venue staff can choose from a library of popular tracks and music lists to play in between Karaoke songs.

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Digital Signage & Visuals

crowdDJ Karaoke offers complementary access to Nightlife's range of other entertainment tools.

This includes Nightlife's complete digital signage system and ambient visuals library, which can be used to entertain singers and advertise.

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Search our Karaoke Library.

With new tracks added every two weeks across a range of languages, our library is one of the most up-to-date, multilingual Karaoke collections in the world.

Click the button below to search our latest Karaoke tracks for your customer’s favourites.

View Karaoke Library

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Experience crowdDJ.

Want a taste of what else the crowdDJ app has to offer? Download the app and use the venue map to find a crowdDJ location near you!

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What equipment is required to use crowdDJ Karaoke?

    To get crowdDJ Karaoke up and running, we’ll send you a Nightlife Media Player, which you’ll use to run crowdDJ. If needed, we can also supply a control tablet for hosts or a Karaoke Kiosk for guests! 

    Beyond this, getting started is as easy as plugging your Nightlife Media Player into an existing audio-visual set up for Karaoke events. 

  • How long does crowdDJ Karaoke take to set up and install?

    With a 100% out of the box, plug and play solution, crowdDJ Karaoke set up and install can take a matter of minutes and even by done by venue staff! 

    We supply Installation, Testing & Training documentation with every system we send to ensure anyone can complete set up and install so you can start using crowdDJ Karaoke as soon as possible. 

  • Can I display branding and advertising during Karaoke events?

    The Nightlife Media Player, which is used to run crowdDJ Karaoke, is also equipped with a complete Digital Signage tool that you can use to display advertising slides whenever you want!  

    For this feature, a Nightlife Media Player with two video outputs will be required. This is so you can use Video Output 1 to display Karaoke lyrics and Video Output 2 to display digital signage.  

  • Is themed content available for Karaoke events?

    Our team of music curators create and maintain Karaoke music lists for themed events including (but not limited to): Decades, Gatsby, World Pride, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Valentines and more.  

  • How can I ensure explicit tracks are excluded?

    Hosting family-friendly events? You can use the Explicit Filter in the Manage My Nightlife app to temporarily turn off explicit content! 

    Or, if there are certain tracks, genres or artists you want excluded from your system – you can also use your Manage My Nightlife app to hide them, or notify us and we will remove them from your Nightlife library! 

  • What support is available for crowdDJ Karaoke?

    All Nightlife clients have access to a dedicated Account Manager, Customer Service team, 24/7 Tech Support team and a support website with live chat for troubleshooting. 

  • Does crowdDJ Karaoke require an internet connection?

    The Nightlife Media Player, which is used to run crowdDJ and crowdDJ Karaoke, runs best with an internet connection, however, it also has complete offline functionality!

    If your internet connection is suddenly lost, or only available intermittently, your Nightlife Media Player will still be able to provide a complete Karaoke solution – it can run offline for up to 3 years!  

    We do, however, recommend providing an internet connection when possible to your Nightlife Media Player as this ensures it receives music as well as complementary software and feature updates.  

    We release new music every two weeks for systems alongside regular software updates, so we suggest bringing your Nightlife Media Player online at least once a month.  

  • Are crowdDJ Karaoke songs fully licensed?

    We currently pay licensing fees to many Performing Rights Organisations around the world. To verify that our content is licensed for use in your business, we will need to know where you are based. 

    In addition to this, we also have an ongoing relationship with SunFly Karaoke, who we pay license fees to directly for use of their Karaoke content. 

    Importantly, you are still responsible for a public performance license for your venue. You must ensure you have this before using our content. If required, our team are happy to guide you on where you will need to secure a public performance license from.

Sing out to get crowdDJ Karaoke.

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