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More Than Music At AFL Max

Standing tall near the Adelaide airport is AFL Max – a giant metal hanger that is a hub of daily recreation for people of all ages.

With a focus on making traditional skills development fun, this family-friendly business is proving you can use Nightlife to entertain and engage in more ways than one.

There’s five zones and a range of activities, including rock climbing, leadership camps, football competitions, birthday parties and more.

“We have three pillars that drive everything we do here,” explains AFL Max’s Marketing Coordinator, Matilda Norton, “…education, entertainment and, of course, footy.”

No matter the movement, Nightlife’s brand-safe content means staff at AFL Max can turn up the volume, knowing that the right sounds and visuals will play, every time.

Making Magical Moments For Kids And Motivating The Masses

📷: Leadership Camp learning!

Across the venue, Nightlife supplies the daily soundtrack and on-screen footy highlights that keep AFL Max visitors entertained, motivated and moving.

“There’s rarely a time we’re not using Nightlife. It’s so embedded in the way we do things. We can even tell who’s working in our cafe based on the music that’s playing,” laughs Matilda.

Hosting children’s birthday parties is staff’s favourite way to use Nightlife.

“Our parties are definitely our most popular offering. Coincidentally, they’re also where we use Nightlife the most to create a custom experience for guests,” says Matilda.

Children (or really, their parents) can choose what kind of party they’d like to book. No matter what’s selected though, Nightlife is there to create the ultimate celebration.

There’s a range of birthday party types on offer. The newest, and arguably the most exciting one, being the Crows Party.

Held at the venue’s indoor footy field, this event uses audio and video clips played via Nightlife to recreate a game day experience where the guest of honour and their mates are the stars.

First, a personalised video message from a Crows player is shown on the giant screen that hangs over the main arena.

Then, a 10 second countdown sequence is played as birthday party attendees prepare to run onto the field.

Suddenly, a buzzer sounds and out they go – jogging on to the almighty roar of an imaginary crowd that turns into a rousing rendition of the Crows’ club song.

“If we didn’t have Nightlife, the start of children’s birthday parties would be so boring,” says Matilda.


“It’s easy for us to use and it makes everyone’s day – parents love taking pictures of their little ones, who are having the absolute time of their life.”

📷: Birthday party fun!

Easy To Use, Backed By A Strong Support Network

Nightlife’s manager app (Manage My Nightlife) ensures the AFL Max team has control over music and content, no matter where they are in the venue.

“If we want to change up the atmosphere by queueing a new music list or a particular track to motivate members, staff can do it straight from their phones,” explains Matilda.

Nightlife’s user-friendly nature also means it doesn’t take much for staff to get onboard and confident in using the system.

“Really, you only need someone to take you through how to do certain things once or twice in the Manage My Nightlife app before you’ve got it down pat,” she says.


“Now, when schools or special guests come to visit, it takes me a matter of seconds to upload a custom ‘Welcome!’ slide to the Advertising Library in the web app and display it. It’s great.”

For Matilda in particular though, the best part of working with Nightlife has been the support she receives from the company’s staff.

With two teams dedicated to client and technical support, there is always someone there to answer her questions and keep in touch until every query has been resolved.

“Nightlife’s team are so patient with me in answering every question and request I have,” Matilda says. “Plus, they’re one of the few companies I’ve worked with that always call you back when they say they will. It’s brilliant.”

📷: Fun for all ages – Women’s Day celebrations!

Supporting Brand Growth Across Australia

The AFL Max brand is growing, meaning a new location is popping up soon, and the crew plan on taking Nightlife with them.

“It’s such a key part of how we entertain and engage our visitors, so Nightlife is absolutely coming with us to our new location opening up in Melbourne in 2023,” says Matilda.


“The technology is powerful and adaptable. Plus, their support has shown us that we can rely on them, no matter where we are or what we need.”

Make sure to follow @AFLMax across social media platforms to find out when their new Melbourne location is opening, book your own Crows Party and see the impact Nightlife can make for yourself!

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