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Nightlife’s Diverse Content Line-Up Stands Out At Expo 2020

An Immersive World Experience, Set In Dubai

Nightlife Music was the key entertainment partner of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for Expo 2020 Dubai – a six month showcase of 190+ countries.

The Australian Pavilion, coordinated by DFAT, offered a series of immersive experiences inspired by Australian landscape, culture and creativity.

To complement the exhibition, Nightlife’s curators built a diverse music and video showcase of new, traditional and artistic Australian content.

Presenting the showcase, bridging Aussie creators with international audiences, was Nightlife’s commercial audio and visual streaming service.

Music, Video And Art That Captured Aussie Diversity

When building the showcase, the team knew it had to be big – culturally and creatively. COVID restrictions meant a lot of the acts that would normally perform were unable to attend in person.

Fortunately, Nightlife’s network of music labels and digital production companies was more than up to the challenge.

We could not have created such a successful pavilion for Expo guests without the Nightlife system,” says Australian Pavilion Director, Peter Sams. “The range of content they supplied captured all the best bits of Australia and presented it in the best way possible.”

Old-school artists, the latest tracks, a First Nations focus – music of every kind was played in the around-the-clock showcase.

Awe-inspiring visuals were also added to the video cycle, including footage of the Australian landscape, locally made artworks and products, even milestone sporting moments, like the 2021 AFL Tiwi Island Grand Final.

To centre First Nations music and cultures, Nightlife enlisted Emily Nicol, a First Nations media professional and curator of Spotify’s Blak Australia playlist.

With Emily’s knowledge and expertise, the team found what was previously thought to be long-lost music video footage, including that of indigenous pub rock sensation Warumpi Band, and Christine Anu’s ‘Wanem Time’ which was filmed on location at the ABC in the 90s.

Even The Wiggles’ Like A Version cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’ and JK-47’s cover of 2PAC’s ‘Changes’ were shared by Triple J – a great blend of old and new Australia.

Technology Brought An All-Aussie Showcase To Life

Bringing together the sights and sounds of Australia was Nightlife’s industry-leading music technology.

The Media Player is a core component of the commercial music and video streaming service, with a plug-and-play design that made for a turnkey installation and quick set-up at the pavilion.

Once connected, Nightlife’s production features, like volume control, adult filter, and equalisation, got to work, maximising sound and playback quality.

crowdDJ® Kiosks were also installed in the public area and business spaces so visitors and VIP guests could pick and play their favourite tracks.

“Customers, or visitors, being able to hear their song selection played is a critical way music can make an impact,” explains Nightlife Music Co-Owner, Leanne de Souza.

There’s nothing more powerful than someone experiencing their favourite song while interacting with your brand. It creates a totally unique, personal, and memorable connection with businesses or events like the Australian Pavilion’s exhibition at Expo 2020 Dubai.”

Brisbane Technology Bridges Artists And International Audiences

Nightlife Music’s presence at Expo 2020 Dubai, has seen terrific international exposure for local artists, cultural events, products and companies.

Around 13,000 hours of content was played across multiple Nightlife systems at the Australian Pavilion – the equivalent of flying Sydney to Dubai 935 times!

In total, the Australian Pavilion also saw over 1.6 million visitors and 7000+ VIP guests, including members of royal families, heads of state and ministers, as well as hundreds of journalists covering its activities.

“It’s amazing to think we were able to collect so many important sights and sounds of Australia, and bring them together to create a showcase seen and heard by so many,” says Matthew Lymbury, Head of Content at Nightlife Music.

This was a testament to the power of Nightlife and how it can connect content creators and audiences – local and international. This project is a huge credit to our people, our technology and our awesome network of labels, production companies, suppliers and friends.”

Peter Sams, Director of the Australian Pavilion, echoed Matt’s sentiment.

“Many elements made our partnership with Nightlife meaningful. We could swap content in and out as needed, videos kept visitors engaged, the adult filter ensured content was brand safe. It’s the little things that matter, and with Nightlife, we got that and so much more”

To listen to the collection of music that made a lasting impact on the Australian Pavilion’s 8500+ daily visitors throughout Expo 2020 Dubai, check out the playlist below.

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