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The Australian Adult Industry Awards turns 21 tonight as they celebrate everything and everyone associated with the Adult industry.

Nightlife is proud to be a contributor to the ‘everything’ part of the experience.

The right music is critical in any environment, and our adult entertainment client venues are no exception. Music videos provide the perfect accompaniment for screens, and music is used to soundtrack each location.  In fact, according to our music data, we’re responsible for the sounds of Def Leppard, Taylor Swift, Enrique Iglesias and even Aussie artist Samantha Jade in the mix!

Over the years, we’ve been on an adaptive journey with our clients, who have taken up our tech to offer customers music choice with the crowdDJ app and dancers’ access to the Manage My Nightlife app to select songs with the right BPM for their performances.

So, what gets people moving in Australia’s best Adult Entertainment venues?

Take a listen…

Adult Entertainment Venue Charts So Far For 2021 –Staff Song Selections
Adult Entertainment Venue Charts So Far For 2021 – crowdDJ® Patron Picks

We wish all our clients the very best for this evening.


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