Body Fit Training partners with Nightlife Music

Case Study

Rigorous testing pairs Body Fit Training with Nightlife Music

Eating better, exercising more and losing weight.

It’s no surprise the top three resolutions for 2020 were all about wellness.

Sticking to those goals however is not as easy as making them with research showing only 8% of people are successful.

John Glancy and his team at Body Fit Training (BFT), one of the newest and fastest-growing players in the Australian fitness scene, want to reshape those stats.

Their credo? Different. Better.


With a focus on functional fitness in fun, 50-minute sessions and a basis in scientifically proven training techniques; BFT has even extended that methodical approach to their music choices and helped Nightlife develop our HIIT, CARDIO, BALANCE and MOTIVATE playlists.

“We are rigorous testers, whether it’s a new medicine ball, a change to one of our class programs or a music supplier. We wanted to work with a music supplier to make sure the solution fits the needs of our studios – in a way tailoring the right solution for us.

“We wanted to take the hassle out of choosing songs and making playlists, and let our trainers focus on training their members.”

As General Manager of Operations John Glancy had previously consulted to high profile fitness brands but has been with BFT from the start.

He says finding a music provider is just as important as designing the right exercise program, from guaranteeing quality music playlists to providing personalised adjustments, volume control and transitions as well as an appreciation of the unique business model.

“We really recognize the value of working with another company that does what they say they are going to do. Nightlife is always ready and willing to listen to us, answer any questions and take our feedback on board. There aren’t many others who could possibly have engaged with us to that capacity and we’re sure this is the right partnership for BFT.”

“Nightlife provides excellent information so trainers can easily understand how to load our BPM-based playlists, which are specifically designed for each class style.”

The Manage My Nightlife app is an essential tool (available for all Nightlife clients) that allows venue managers, trainers or selected staff access to their music system, allowing them to load lists, skip songs, change the volume, turn the Adult Filter on/off and much more.

John says when the right song comes on he can feel the atmosphere change. Members interact with each other, having dance-offs or lip-synching with an invisible microphone.

“It’s important we have a mix of singalong songs and pop tracks as well as nightclub-style beats. We make sure the music volume is set at a level where trainers can converse with members and offer form adjustments or encouragement for their training, without having to yell.

“There’s a balance there between volume and atmosphere and Nightlife makes it easy for us to maintain that.”

As part-owner of one of BFT’s first studios in Richmond, John is acutely aware of how every supplier to the group affects the business and can help keep things running smoothly, including ensuring music industry compliance across the group.

With the new year in full swing, Body Fit Training is gearing up for another massive 12 months of successful studio launches, building engaged fitness communities and ensuring members are getting results.

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