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Novotel & Pullman Sydney Olympic Park Precinct

Benchmark Series

When the Sydney Roosters pulled in to the driveway of the Pullman Hotel ahead of the 2019 NRL Grand Final, Paul Brown pulled out his phone and changed the hotel lobby music and blasted the club’s team song to welcome them.

When music superstars Shawn Mendes, Khalid and Tim McGraw performed at the neighbouring Sydney Olympic Park entertainment complex, Paul Brown rescheduled the playlists at the Novotel and Pullman to reflect the artist and the music genre for the enjoyment of the many guests across the hotel sites, who were attending the concerts.

Paul Brown isn’t a professional DJ and he doesn’t work in the music industry, rather he’s a master of guest experiences as the Sydney Olympic Park Precinct Director Food and Beverage.

He’s also a Nightlife Music super user.

“To me, music is vitally important as a way of quickly engaging with our customers. It sets the right atmosphere, helping to ensure as guests arrive at our hotels and during their stay, they feel comfortable and at home.”

Music control

“Nightlife’s music schedules and playlist curation matched to each of the different hotels in the precinct are spot on but it’s the technology that allows me the flexibility to respond quickly and have the control at my fingertips.”

“We have different music styles playing in all the lobbies, the different restaurants and food outlets, the gym and the Brewery Bar.”

“I can see exactly what music is playing in the different spaces of each hotel and make changes instantly if necessary.”

“I even have control when I’m not there. Even when I’ve been seconded to another property I can still see and control the music at the Olympic Park precinct, from my phone.”

Cost savings and compliance

“Compliance is critical in the hospitality industry and Nightlife’s expertise in music licensing has helped us navigate the complexities in this space.”

“We’ve been able to make some savings across the precinct when it comes to tariffs, but the significant cost benefit has been in our Brewery Bar.”

“We have saved thousands by using Nightlife to drive our entertainment in the bar. We have the ability to adapt playlists and schedules and create the right vibe and atmosphere at any time for the different audiences and age groups that are there.”

“And when we have DJs playing, we still use Nightlife to complement the live component so it’s a seamless soundtrack for the night’s entertainment.”

Guest interactivity

“What’s been fantastic in the Brewery Bar is crowdDJ®.

“Our hotel guests and any other customers that stop in on the way to a game or concert at Sydney Olympic Park can choose their own music and songs which really defines the vibe.”

“There were over 1,500 songs selected in the past three months, which is a great example of engagement with music.”

“We also have crowdDJ in the fitness centre so our guests can select their own work-out songs from their phone or our kiosk.”

For the record, the most popular picks have been Ed Sheeran with Justin Beiber and Tones and I. Perhaps Paul Brown will be pulling out his phone and blasting those songs when they next play at Sydney Olympic Park.

As they say in music, stay tuned.

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