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Nightlife Music and Amart Furniture in tune with shoppers

In an inspired retail deal, Nightlife Music, Australia’s premier music subscription service for business, will furnish all 62 Amart superstores nationwide with a suite of custom-made music.

It’s the first time Nightlife, the Brisbane based music technology company, which launched 29 years ago in one nightclub, has extended its reach into the furniture sector.

According to Nightlife CEO David O’Rourke the partnership will come as a surprise to the market.

“It’s a rarity that one of Australia’s leading furniture chains would place such significance on music to boost customer enjoyment and boost sales,” Mr O’Rourke said.

“Research has proven that music enhances an in-store experience, so when you think about it, there is no better retail environment than furniture to add value to customer engagement than through a perfectly matched playlist,” he said.

“It takes time to browse, sit on a couch, lie on a bed or choose the perfect dining suite so the right soundtrack and good song choices will keep shoppers entertained and in-store longer.

‘It’s a very smart move by Amart and Nightlife’s in-house musical experts will design customised and licenced playlists designed to resonate with the superstores’ customers and improve dwell times.”

The innovative partnership comes as the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released its latest retail trade figures showing a 1.1 per cent rise in household goods.

General Manager Customer, Rodica Titeica said the duet with Nightlife takes Amart’s commitment to providing great service and a superior customer experience up a notch.

“In an increasingly competitive retail environment and as we all compete for a share of the wallet the in-store experience has never been more critical,” Ms Titeica said.

“Whether it’s for the bedroom, living room, office or outdoors, buying furniture for a lot of people is a big decision, so we pride ourselves on creating an environment to make it as comfortable and personal as possible.

“The right vibe will connect us to our customers even more.”

Nightlife provides customised, licensed music and visual soundtracks to over 4,000 clients across numerous industries including hospitality, accommodation, fitness, leisure and retail.

The roll-out of the high-tech music integration across Amart’s 62 stores will commence immediately and should be completed by the end of May.

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