Your Countdown Party Runsheet

Running a Countdown party in your venue

Note: For information on promoting your Countdown party, please see the Countdown Promotions Guide.

It’s important that you nominate one of your team to be in control of your party. This person will need the Manage My Nightlife app (App Store | Google Play) and will need to have login details set up in advance. If you don’t have a login already set up for Manage My Nightlife, please call us on 1800 773 468.

Pre-event check

Ensure the MIX_COUNT playlist is on your Nightlife system and ready to play;

  1. Check that the MIX_COUNT list exists – Navigate to the Load Lists panel, tap All Lists, expand Nightlife Lists header and scroll to the Specialty section to check that MIX_COUNT is available.
  2. Send out a last-minute socials post reminder– Jump on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and make a post e.g. “Coming to tonight’s Classic Countdown party? Tag your photos with #classiccountdown for a chance to be featured on our socials!”

Contact Client Services on 1800 773 468 if you do not see the Countdown content.

crowdDJ® essentials – getting ready to Countdown

  1. Make sure your staff know about crowdDJ® and get them to promote the concept to your customers.
  2. Make the most of the crowdDJ® Merch items (coasters, posters and DL flyers) by spreading them around your events space.
  3. IMPORTANT! – Selection sets: you can use ManageMyNightlife to change the songs that your customers can choose from by changing the selection sets. Options include:
        1. Countdown: use this Selection set to allow customers to choose their favourite countdown tracks
        2. Retro + Countdown: as your Countdown Party evolves you may want to open up the selections to include other retro tracks.
        3. Party Essentials: towards the end of the night, think about allowing customers to choose a mix of modern and retro

Put your screens to Work!

  1. We have designed a bunch of  slides for you to use during your party on the screens in your venue. There are also slides you can use to promote specific activities throughout the night (lip Sync Battles, Best Dressed etc)  Dropbox link | Google Drive link
  2. Check out our guide to loading advertising onto your Nightlife advertising channel

Let your Classic Countdown party commence

It’s time to get this party started. Load it up and play it loud!

  1. Search for the playlist – Navigate to the Playlists panel and search for MIX_COUNT.
  2. Turn up the volume and make sure the Countdown Music Video Tracks are playing on your screens.
  3. Encourage people to choose their favourite Countdown Track.
  4. Run your preferred Countdown party tricks – Lip Synch Battles, Best Dressed, Dance Battles – get creative!

Throughout your Countdown party be sure to post photos and videos across your different socials channels using #classiccountdown. We’ll share selected ones across Nightlife and crowdDJ® channels.

Keep the party going  

Keep the energy high and the crowd partying on into the night by adding in some more recent party numbers.

  1. Load Party New to launch into more modern party music or keep it retro with Party 80s or Party Old or cover all the bases with our Party list. Scroll through All Lists and select your your choice of playlist by tapping on the circle next to each list (located on the left-hand side) and then tap the Load Lists button
  2. To keep the crowdDJ selections in-sync with the vibe open up your crowdDJ® selections: Choose (Retro + Countdown to keep things old skool or Party Essentials to get a mix of the best of old and new party tracks.

Wrap up on socials – Create a wrap up social post e.g. Our Classic Countdown party was a blast! Keeping with the retro party theme, we’re blasting our 90s playlist AND letting you choose the music that plays via crowdDJ®!

To help your Countdown Party run as smoothly as possible we advise you do a practice run during the week over a quiet period or whilst the venue is closed.

Have any questions or need a hand? Call us on 1800 773 468.




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