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What Is Music? - ABC Documentary Series

Have you ever wondered why people sing? Why we love a good beat? Or why we get goosebumps from certain songs? Our valiant hosts Linda and Dan try to answer these questions and more in ‘What Is Music’, a new show exploring the mystery and magic of a language that works in invisible and irresistible ways.

Triple J and ABC

Commercial Radio Australia, Nightlife Music front senate inquiry into Australian content

As the music community convened yesterday for the start of Bigsound, executives from Commercial Radio Australia, Nightlife Music and the local film industry fronted a senate inquiry 1,600 km away in Adelaide, set up to examine the economic and cultural impact of Australian content on broadcast, radio and streaming services.

The Industry Observer

Background fronts Senate Inquiry

More Australian artists are being heard and discovered in pubs, clubs, gyms, shopping complexes and even bowling centres, than they are on radio. With the record store all but disappeared, the public performance sector was the new shop front for music discovery in the digital age.

Nightlife Music

Tech company predicts 2018 AIR award winners

Nightlife Music crunched the nominees for the 47 nominees for the awards, held in Adelaide. “We analysed the data across almost 3,500 venues in Australia that are choosing to showcase Australian indie artists in the playlists we create for them; a weekly listening audience of around 6 million people a week,"


Cop controlling the beat by day and night

Sun­shine Coast Se­nior Con­sta­ble Jeff Frazer keeps our streets safe, and more re­cently helped bring back youths to Blue Light Dis­cos.

Sunshine Coast Daily

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