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  • Market Leader in On-Demand Music Subscription Services for Business
  • Build an Innovative Product on a Highly Scalable and Decentralised  Platform
  • Be Part of the Development & Deployment of an Innovative Product

Nightlife Music is the largest music tech company in Australia and with an Advance Queensland Ignite funding grant for international expansion, we are growing. We are the premier music subscription service for business, servicing over 4,000 clients across the hospitality, fitness, leisure, tourism, retail and accommodation sectors. Nightlife’s perpetual success hinges on our unique IP in music tech; our innovative, wholly Australian owned and built technology and processes have consistently set the benchmark for the industry. We hold licenses with all major record labels and a host of Independents, visual suppliers, and major sporting codes. We are an ethical privately-owned business, dedicated to supporting charities and reducing our carbon footprint through recycling, solar initiatives, and electric cars.

We are building:

  • A web application to allow our products to be configured en masse that is mobile-first, progressive, enterprise-level and cloud-based.
  • Applications for flexible authorization, job tracking, data analysis and more.
  • Frameworks upon Node.js and Angular to provide for scalable development of related apps.

Our web services platform is a collection of microservices that provide diverse functionality, each with a single responsibility that allows nimble development.

We are aligned with the core principles outlined in to enable scalability and minimal divergence between development and production environments. This allows us to satisfy both functional and non-functional requirements in a manner that can be rapidly developed, tested, reviewed and deployed.

Our decentralized architecture and containerised DevOps approach make adoption of innovative tools relatively easy.

Our enterprise frontend is based off a highly modular custom Angular framework built around the Angular Router.

Tech Stack:

  • Platform: Kubernetes | Docker | AWS | Google Cloud Platform
  • Data: MySQL | Neo4J | BigQuery | MongoDB | Redis | RabbitMQ
  • Backend application development: Typescript | NodeJS
  • Frontend web application development: Angular
  • Build: Bitbucket Pipelines | Custom

Selection Criteria:

To be considered for this position, please attach a cover letter addressing the following selection criteria:


  • Computer Science Degree or equivalent
  • Experience taking and giving feedback as well as communicating across multiple teams
  • Experience in using Agile methodologies such as sprints, user stories, retrospectives, code reviews and pair programming
  • Version control using Git
  • Behavior/Test Driven Development using tools such as Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, Protractor
  • Understanding of internet technologies such as HTTP, WebSockets, DNS
  • Technical writing

Frontend experience with:

  • Angular
  • Modular components
  • Responsive design using HTML5 and CSS3 with experience using Bootstrap or similar
  • Experience using CSS pre-processors such as LESS or SASS

Backend experience with:

  • Application development with NodeJS preferably using Typescript
  • Scalable stateless applications
  • Asynchronous coding for concurrent, event-driven applications
  • SQL and NoSQL, eg Cypher, Mongo
  • Caching using Redis or Memcached
  • Message Broker services eg RabbitMQ

DevOps experience with:

  • Cloud computing platforms
  • Using Docker to containerize applications
  • Container orchestration, e.g. Kubernetes
  • Continuous delivery/deployment/integration tools and practices
  • Unix-like operating systems
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) frameworks such as Terraform
  • Database Administration (Configuration, Clustering, Replication etc.)
  • Diagnosing problems at any level (Client, HTTP/Network, Server, Database, OS)

Nightlife is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all persons.  Please forward your resume and cover letter addressing the selection criteria, and coding examples to Heidi Richards – email:

To read more about Nightlife’s unique leadership and culture, click here.

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To apply confidentially, please forward your resume and cover letter addressing the selection criteria to Heidi Richards ( or click the button below.