Game Time Atmosphere For Your Venue

With the NRL and AFL seasons well underway, Aussie sports fans are inching closer to the edge of their seats every week.

To get your customers off their couches and into the action of your venue, Nightlife Music has a range of NRL and AFL content for your screens from both the men’s and women’s seasons.  

Here’s what you need to know. 

New match highlights every week on NRL & AFL TV

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a game-changing tackle or breakaway goal on the big screen – so we’ll be bringing the latest match highlights to our NRL TV and AFL TV visual lists! 

Every Monday, we’ll upload a compilation of highlights from the previous week’s men’s and women’s matches onto our NRL TV and AFL TV lists so your customers can relive the excitement of every game. 

For more information on how to queue visual lists via Nightlife, click here to visit our support website. 

Club-specific compilations of top tries available 

Nightlife’s Content team have created special packages of match highlights for each of the NRL’s official clubs.   

These are custom compilations of each club’s top tries from the previous season – meaning you can play highlights of your favourite team on screens year-round and in preparation for next season’s kick-off!  

To get a compilation of an official NRL club’s top tries from the 2023 season onto your screens, please reach out to your Account Manager at Nightlife, or click here to contact us.  

Make your venue the place to be before and after the game

Alongside visual highlights, Nightlife also has a range of music lists and the crowdDJ app, to keep your customers entertained at any time of the day.  

Whether it’s a soundtrack to match the exciting atmosphere before kickoff, or a few Aussie anthems to sing along to as the post-match feels set in, you’ll find it all in your Nightlife library. 

For more information on how to queue music lists via Nightlife, click here to visit our support website. 

Footy season is on the horizon! Start preparing with Nightlife today

As the sporting calendar continues to ramp up for 2024, don’t miss a minute of the action in your venue with Nightlife.  

Get in touch with our team today, or visit our support website, to learn more about your options for sports visuals, or music to complement the game time atmosphere.  

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