Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Nightlife

Music is the key to making sure your St Patrick’s Day event is one to remember. A good soundtrack can turn early leavers into cheery celebrators who don’t want the day, or night, to end.  

Using the Manage My Nightlife phone and web app, you’ll find a range of music lists, ambient visuals and digital signage, that have been created to support St Patrick’s Day celebrations.  

Read on to learn how to find and schedule them, in real time and on demand.  

IRISH POP & ST PATS lists take the soundtrack spotlight

Located under the SPECIALTY section of Nightlife Lists in the Manage My Nightlife app, IRISH POP and ST PATS will delight any St Patrick’s Day reveller – from patriotic pub-goers to laidback commemorators.

Each one has a consistent flow of classic hits and trending tracks, giving your guests the opportunity to hear and experience only the best St Patrick’s Day music while interacting with your brand. 

Using the Manage My Nightlife app, your staff can queue these music lists and more to keep the good times rolling, line up individual tracks to suit the atmosphere or even add guests’ requests into the mix.  

For steps on how to queue St Patrick’s Day music lists in the Manage My Nightlife app, click here.

Digital Signage helps patrons plan ahead

Nightlife’s digital signage feature can be used to promote St Patrick’s Day celebrations in advance and share important information during events. 

The complete digital signage library is available on the Manage My Nightlife web app and offers a range of slides for calendar events including St Patrick’s Day.   

Businesses can schedule these, or even their own custom slides, to show at certain times of the day, for a certain amount of time, on certain screens.  

For steps on how to queue St Patrick’s Day digital signage slides in the Manage My Nightlife web app, click here.

Getting St Patrick’s Day Ready 

On March 17, make your venue the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for St Patrick’s Day celebrators with a stellar soundtrack for all their shamrock shenanigans.  

Check out our support website for more tips or contact us on our live chat if you have any questions. 

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