Ausmusic Month: Your toolkit for spotlighting Australian artists

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At Nightlife, we love homegrown music. 

That’s why, every November, we kick off our Ausmusic Month campaign – a celebration of Australian artists that spans our entire network, encouraging everyone to listen local!  

Each year, through careful programming and education, our people and products come together to get more Australian artists played in more public spaces.  

After all, every time an artist is played, they get paid!  

Leading the charge of our Ausmusic Month campaign is our green and gold Australian Played logo, which ensures Aussie music is always easy to spot on the crowdDJ and Manage My Nightlife apps. 

Taking this campaign one step further are our Australian Played toolkits.  

These are the ultimate guides on how to use Nightlife and crowdDJ to support more local artists in venues across Australia.  

So, if you want to show your love for Aussie artists during Ausmusic Month…click here to download your Australian Played toolkit and find out how!  

Here’s a look at what’s inside: 

A Scan-To-Play QR code for quick crowdDJ access 

Ausmusic Month Digital Advertising slide available via the Manage My Nightlife web app

If you’re a business with crowdDJ, this kit will teach you how to set up digital signage with your custom Scan To Play crowdDJ QR Code!  

Your customers can scan this when it’s displayed on screen to access the crowdDJ web app while in your venue – making it easy for them to pick and play their local faves! 

Digital resources to promote your support

Whether it’s for social media posts, an email newsletter or even a blog on your website, our toolkits equip you with all the resources to share your love for Aussie artists online.   

Our toolkit for Nightlife Clients has a range of images and logos businesses can use to promote Ausmusic Month across their platforms. 

Visual content to promote Ausmusic Month on screens

Ausmusic Month digital advertising slide available via the Manage My Nightlife app

There are a range of Ausmusic Month slides available in the Manage My Nightlife web app. Schedule these through the Advertising Library to promote the campaign and make crowdDJ access easy!    

The Australian Played logo is also programmed to show on certain slides! To learn more, download the Nightlife Clients’ toolkit.  

And there’s plenty more! 

For further information on Nightlife’s Australian Played and Ausmusic Month campaigns, click here.    

Otherwise, if you’re hosting an Ausmusic Month event in your venue, or just want some more Aussie artists in your music lineup, reach out to us here

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