Halloween is creeping up: Set your soundtrack with Nightlife 

Don’t be spooked by the thought of finding the perfect playlist for your venue this Halloween. Treat yourself by leaving it with us!  

Nightlife has you covered with a spine-chilling selection of ghoulish grooves and trending tracks to set the mood for your Halloween event.  

But that’s not all! Via the Manage My Nightlife phone and web app, you’ll also find a range of ambient visuals and digital advertising that has been created for Halloween celebrations just like yours.   

Setting your Halloween soundtrack 

Nightlife’s Content Team expertly curates music lists exclusively for calendar events and occasions, like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more.   

From the iconic sounds of David Bowie to frighteningly fresh hits like Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’, the wide selection of our SPOOKY list can be tailored to suit any business or brand. 

Creating a custom soundtrack for your Halloween celebration is easy using the Manage My Nightlife app.  

Staff can queue music lists to set the mood, add crowd favourites or guest requests to the mix, filter explicit content and more!  

For steps on how to add the SPOOKY list into your music mix, click here.  

Something spooky for your Screens

Introducing SPOOKY TV; a spine-chilling atmosphere amplifier that’s ready to hit screens in your venues for Halloween.

It features a variety of vibrant visuals to suit a range of venue demographics. From pumpkin displays to dancing skeletons — SPOOKY TV has something for everyone!  

So, it’s time to mark your diaries. SPOOKY TV will be available for queuing using the Manage My Nightlife app from October 1st. 

For just a sprinkle of spooky visuals in your schedule, reach out to the Nightlife team via our live chat or on +61 7 3858 2581. We can set SPOOKY TV to play at the times you specify.   

It could be for the duration of a Halloween event, or all month long! Whatever you decide, we’ll work with you to create what you need. 

Promote events & share messages withdigital signage

Complete the paranormal package with Nightlife’s digital signage feature! You can set visual reminders about upcoming Halloween events in advance or use it to share information during your celebrations.    

Simply upload and schedule your own digital signage slides or choose from the existing ones in the Nightlife library via the Manage My Nightlife web app at any time. It’s that easy!  

For more information on how to set Halloween digital signage, click here.  

Example Halloween slide available in the Manage My Nightlife web app

Getting Halloween-ready with Nightlife 

Whether it’s a fright night, murder mystery or you just want to make your pumpkin display that little bit more spooktacular, there is plenty available on Nightlife to support you in hosting and running your event.   

Check out our support website for more tips or contact us on our live chat if you have any questions.   

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