An Oktoberfest themed table flat lay behind a phone with the Manage My Nightlife App open, displaying the Oktoberfest music list.


Soundtracks & Steins: Oktoberfest is here! 

Are you planning to host Oktoberfest events in your venue? Or looking to add a little German flavour to the daily music mix? It’s time to set your soundtrack with Nightlife!    

With a range of content available, you can create a unique experience for staff and customers that not only amplifies your brand but also boosts those Bavarian vibes in your venue. 

Gear up for good times with the perfect soundtrack  

Nightlife’s Content Team expertly curate music lists specifically for calendar events and occasions like Oktoberfest, Halloween, New Year’s Eve and more!

Our Oktoberfest list features a steady flow of traditional music, including polka and German folk, to perfectly capture the culture and merriment of this celebration.  

Via the Manage My Nightlife app, staff can also queue additional music lists to keep the good vibes going, line up individual tracks to suit the atmosphere or even add guests’ requests into the music mix.  It’s easy!

For steps on how to queue our Oktoberfest music list, click here.  

Promote events and share messages with digital signage 

Using Nightlife’s digital signage feature, you can set visual reminders about your upcoming events in advance or share information during your celebrations.  

Just upload and schedule your own digital signage slides or choose from the existing ones in the Nightlife library via the Manage My Nightlife web app, at any time.  

For more information on how to set Oktoberfest digital signage, click here.  


Get Oktoberfest ready with Nightlife  

Whether you’re planning a polka party or Bavarian banquet, there’s always plenty available on Nightlife to support you in hosting and soundtracking your Oktoberfest events.    

You can also check out our support website for more tips or contact us on our live chat if you have any questions. 

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