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Making A Good Thing Better: Olivia Newton-John Remasters To Hit Nightlife and crowdDJ

Olivia Newton-John transcended global charts and music genres. Whether it was Gen X, Y or Z, her music touched pivotal points in everyone’s lives. 

From a soft country start with ballads that captured hearts, to a sultry pop and rock era that saw her biggest track ‘Physical’ hit airwaves, she has always been a staple of music history.  

In fact, her music is nearing a hallmark number on Nightlife: one million plays! Currently sitting at just over 977,000 – her top tracks include ‘Magic’, ‘Xanadu’, and ‘If Not For You’. 

Similarly, crowdDJ consumers have picked and played her music more than 24,000 times, with the Grease Megamix featuring Olivia currently sitting at 5,500+ plays (clearly, a public favourite).  

As a tribute to Olivia, Nightlife is remastering many of her iconic hits and making several original videos available so fans across Australia, New Zealand, and the world can remember her through music. 

Olivia Newton-John in her ‘The Rumour’ music video. © Universal Music.

The Sights And Sounds Of Olivia Newton-John 

 As part of Nightlife’s latest release to systems, several of Olivia’s hits have been remastered, including ‘Twist Of Fate’, ‘Landslide’, ‘The Rumour’ and more. 

Nightlife’s Content team have also introduced nine new videos, including the rarely-seen, original video for her 1978 song ‘A Little More Love’ as well as a number of clips from the cult classic film ‘Xanadu’. 

Also available through Nightlife and crowdDJ are many other tracks and videos from Olivia’s career as both an actress and musician – including hits from Grease and clips from the ‘Physical’ video album. 

Olivia Newton-John in her ‘Landslide’ music video. © Universal Music.

Creating A Tribute For A Global Music Icon 

From spandex-wearing, sweaty bodies in ‘Physical’ to the hit Grease Megamix, Olivia Newton-John’s content has been seen and heard in Nightlife’s commercial playlists across a range of industries. 

“When it comes to Olivia, her music always resonates with listeners,” explains Nightlife’s Production Team Lead, Maurice Powell. 

“It doesn’t matter if they’re caught up reminiscing, enjoying the beauty of her voice or thinking about her advocacy and activism – Olivia can put a smile on anyone’s face.” 

An expert in remastering and curating content, Maurice is the face behind Nightlife’s tribute for this iconic Australian artist.  

A self-professed fan of Xanadu and Olivia’s original work, his goal was to give fans the truest and best versions of her music and videos to remember her by. 

“Arguably, one of the easiest ways to recognise and acknowledge the impact of Olivia is by listening to her music” he said.  

“I wanted to create an opportunity for appreciation by ensuring that the public performance space had high-quality versions of her music and videos, so that anyone could see and hear her talent.” 

Collecting the iconic sights and sounds of Olivia Newton-John, however, went far beyond the highlights of Grease and Xanadu for Maurice.  

Taking his time, he uncovered rare videos and original, high-quality versions of Olivia’s music over the years to add to Nightlife systems. Masterfully cleaning each one, Maurice and other members of Nightlife’s Content team then removed old versions before uploading new ones. 

“The tribute that Maurice and the team have done for Olivia is brilliant,” says Nightlife’s Head of Music, Matthew Lymbury. “It’s bringing so many elements of her music career back into the spotlight.” 

Olivia Newton-John in her ‘Soul Kiss’ music video. © Universal Music.

A Staple Of The Public Performance Space 

Olivia’s sound is one that won’t be forgotten – especially now that it has a permanent place in the public performance space. 

Nightlife is proud to have been a part of the overflow of tributes across music and video platforms to this iconic Australian artist and superstar.  

Our Legacy series is dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage of the Australian music industry and giving clients a glimpse into the library of local music and content they can access on Nightlife. 

It serves as a reminder that age-old classics and timeless Aussie sounds can be played alongside contemporary music – because all homegrown talent, legacy or modern, has a place in the public space. 

Look out for the Australian Played Legacy icon across our platforms to find out more about the work we’re doing to increase the number of Australian artists on Nightlife systems and in the public spotlight. 

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