Set The Scene This Mother’s Day

Music is the key to your Mother’s Day event staying with attendees long after the kitchen’s closed and tables have been cleared.

It’s the difference between guests leaving five minutes before an event ends or keeping the atmosphere going well after last call.

Getting it right isn’t easy, especially when it comes to important commemorations and annual celebrations, but that’s where Nightlife comes in.

Using the Manage My Nightlife phone and web app, you’ll find a range of music lists and digital artwork that has been created and curated for calendar holidays like Mother’s Day.

Read on to learn how to find and schedule them, in real time and on demand.

Managing Music

Nightlife’s Content Team expertly curate music lists exclusively for celebrations and commemorations like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and more

Each one is a collection of classic hits and trending tracks, producing a consistent flow of great songs and creating an opportunity for attendees to experience their favourite music in your brand.

When it comes to queueing or scheduling music lists, the Manage My Nightlife app is key. Using the app, staff can schedule hours-long, themed collections of music to keep the good times rolling for the duration of an event, or even queue individual tracks as they follow the vibe of a crowd.

To find the Mother’s Day music list in the Manage My Nightlife app:

  1. Open the Hamburger Menu ()
  2. Select Queue Lists
  3. Open the Nightlife Lists drop-down
  4. Find the DJ Sets section
  5. Select the #MOTHER’S DAY DJ Set

For steps on how to queue music lists for an event, click here.

Managing Digital Advertising

Nightlife can also be used promote celebrations and share information during events, thanks to its digital advertising feature, which can be used to show slides intermittently on screens.

A complete digital advertising library is available on the Manage My Nightlife web app, complete with a collection of commemorative and celebratory slides for important events like Mother’s Day.

Businesses can schedule their own, custom slides or slides from Nightlife’s digital advertising library to show at certain times of the day, for a certain amount of time, on certain screens and so on.

To find Mother’s Day digital advertising slides in the Manage My Nightlife web app:

  1. Select the Advertising tab
  2. Make sure the User Advertising tab is selected
  3. Click the Library button at the top of the page (in between Upload and Custom)

For steps on how to queue these slides using the Manage My Nightlife web app, click here.

Example of Mother’s Day slide available on the Manage My Nightlife web app

Getting Mother’s Day ready

Whether you’ve got a bottomless brunch or high tea planned, there is plenty available on Nightlife to support you in hosting and running your event.

Check out our support website for more tips or contact us on our live chat if you have any questions.

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