Signature Sounds At Hinchcliff House

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“A dedication to expertly-curated spaces is what led me to Nightlife Music.” – Justin Newton, Operations Director, Hinchcliff House.

Located in Sydney’s CBD, a 150-year-old heritage wool store has come to life with a mix of Italian dining and drinking experiences as well as a passionate commitment to music curation.

With four-course fine dining at Lana, drinks for the lovelorn at Apollonia bar, and house-made dishes with local ingredients at Grana, there’s something for everyone at Hinchcliff House.

Each space is set for sensory satisfaction, from the fabulous food, exceptional drinks list and bespoke music playing, right down to the lighting overhead and aromas in the air.

The unique atmosphere is a credit to House Made Hospitality’s Operations Director Justin Newton, his team, and their ability to create a look, sound and feel for each space.

“We take pride in creating hospitality experiences that keep guests in the magic of the moment,” says Justin.

“There are many subconscious triggers that come into play for even the simplest of acts. A glass of wine can taste the same wherever you drink it, but what makes you slow down and enjoy it is how you feel in a moment. That’s what everyone at Hinchcliff House wants to get right,” he explains.

“That dedication to an expertly curated space is what led me to Nightlife Music.”

In comparison with other music providers and streaming services Justin has trialed, Nightlife offers the control and support he needs to create a signature sound for each of his restaurants.

“Music is a critical part of mood-setting, but with so many elements, it can be hard to manage and get right. Finding a provider who best supports that curatorial process can be even harder” he says.

“Nightlife has been my solution to that problem – it’s made music curation and management easy.”

Backed by Nightlife’s Content team, Justin now plays a variety of music lists that match the signature sound of each restaurant, amplifying the mood and feel of spaces.

Guests are greeted with a smooth jazz undertone at Grana while Italian bossa-nova weaves its way between tables at Lana. At Apollonia, a love story is told with Spanish rock and roll and Euro disco.

Justin also notes that Nightlife makes it easy to fill these spaces with their soundtracks and manage the music as it plays.

“A standout feature is the Manage My Nightlife app,” he says. “I can edit playlists live and mix music on the go, I can even see the zones where music is playing across the venue and jump between them quickly – all from my phone. It’s brilliant.”

Justin has been so impressed with the impact of his Nightlife system that he’s already working on ways to incorporate it into other House Made Hospitality projects.

“We have more sites opening soon in Australia and I’m confident Nightlife will meet all my needs for them, and beyond,” he says, proudly. “I already know they have the diversity of content I’m looking for.”

“We’re so proud to be working with venues like Hinchcliff House,” says Nightlife’s Head of Music & Content, Matt Lymbury, “They’re just one of those venues that is always thinking about their guest. It’s exciting that we can provide the music and service to help them achieve that commitment.”

Hinchcliff House’s latest space, Bar Mammoni, is now open in Sydney, Australia.

Offering a fun, modern spin on the traditional Italian corner store and serving up delicious, house-made bites and beverages from 6 AM to 11 PM, there’s something for every guest at any hour.

Make sure you stop by!

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