Classic Aussie Summer Toolkit

Get That Aussie Summertime Vibe In Your Venue This January

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New year, same summer heat! Make your venue the ultimate place for customers to cool off this month with our all-Aussie music and entertainment.

Whether you’re hosting an Australia Day event, looking to play the Triple J Hottest 100 winners, or chasing that summertime sound, we’ve got you covered.

Nightlife’s Classic Aussie Summer Toolkit has all the music lists, videos, visuals, and digital signage that you need to promote your events and fill your venue with great music.

Check out the features available now on your Nightlife system:


There’s nothing like an Australian summer; the blast of the air conditioning, a cold drink in hand and some classic Aussie tracks to kick back and relax with.

Our music lists and DJ sets can create this happy, carefree Aussie scene for customers in your venue, whether it’s for Australia Day events or a laid-back Sunday afternoon session.

To get that unbeatable summertime sound into your venue now, queue these lists:

AUSTRALIA DAY BBQ – Only the best of the best is played at the backyard BBQ, and so we’ve put all your Aussie favourites into one DJ Set for your Australia Day events. On Jan 26th, serve up hit after hit with artists like Tash Sultana, Gang Of Youths, Thelma Plum and Lime Cordiale.

AUSSIE MUSIC – Designed to be your all-Aussie heavy lifter, this long list of music legends will entertain any crowd, any day of the week. It features Australian artists throughout the ages, with INXS, Australian Crawl, The Divinyls, Midnight Oil, Powderfinger, and more.

To find out how to queue the Australia Day BBQ DJ Set or the Aussie Music list, click here.

HOTTEST 100 –Blast the best of Triple J with this year’s list Hottest 100 winners – in order of 1 to 100! Prior to the official Triple J Hottest 100 release on January 22nd, this DJ Set will include most popular predictions for the top 100 contenders.

To find out how to queue Nightlife’s Hottest 100 list, click here.


Take your all-Aussie atmosphere to the next level with promotional signage for your events, viral videos to keep customers entertained and quintessential Aussie scenes.

Our Classic Aussie Summer Toolkit has the tools you can use to get them onto screens in your venue.

Digital signage – Set up slides to promote your Australia Day and other summer activities, and schedule them to play regularly across screens in your venue. To get started, we’ve got a range of pre-designed templates in our Advertising Library, or you can create and upload your own.

To learn how to set up and schedule digital signage, click here.

Aussie TV – Entertain customers with viral videos and back your all-Aussie soundtrack with footage of natural and cultural scenes from around Australia. ‘Aussie TV’ can be scheduled to run intermittently or around the clock in your venue.

To activate and program Aussie TV in your venue, click here.


Get your customers to choose their summertime soundtrack with our new crowdDJ® Scan to Play QR code system. Simply scan the QR code with a smartphone camera and a crowdDJ® web player will open so that customers can pick their favourite Aussie tracks!


To set up crowdDJ®’s Scan to Play feature, click here.

And that’s it!

Remember, if you have any questions or need help setting up features from the Classic Aussie Summer Toolkit, visit our support website or reach out via our live chat.

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