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A By Adina Stimulates The Senses With Contemporary Australian Soundtrack

A by Adina, a premium hotel brand new to Australia, is setting standards in accommodation with upscale apartment-style rooms and personalised services.

Their locations in Canberra and Sydney each have their own identity based on the city around them, with detailed design and a tailored approach for both corporate and lifestyle travellers.

Creating the character in these venues is the brand’s commitment to a contemporary Australian feel for all five senses.

From in-room hair and skin products by Melbourne-based business Hunter Lab, to the Australian sophistication behind architecture and interior design, there’s a lot of local love.

Playing a key role in this Australian stimulation of the senses and weaving its way throughout the venues and into ears, is a unique soundtrack, expertly curated by Nightlife Music.

“Detailed simplicity is a key pillar of the A by Adina brand,’ explained Sydney’s A by Adina General Manager, Amanda Cottome, “and Nightlife has helped us achieve that.”

From the moment guests enter the foyer, to their lingering exit at the end of a stay, they’re hearing a 24/7 mix of chill, contemporary Australian music, and smooth electronic beats.

Behind it all are extensive playlists that Nightlife Music has curated exclusively for A by Adina, each designed to establish a luxe, local setting for day and night.

“The Nightlife Music team have been incredibly easy to work with” said Amanda. “They’ve been responsive with communication, and certainly delivered on our brief to curate music that builds a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere for guests.”

Music is a vital element of the A by Adina brand, contributing to the appeal to the senses in each venue and complimenting the group’s commitment to contemporary Australian.

Mindful of this significance, the day playlist curated by Nightlife is exclusively made up of music from Australian artists.

“The Australian Breakfast & Chill playlist is a highlight for us because it means we’re staying true to our promise of an Australian focus in venues,” Amanda said.

The evening playlist, also curated by Nightlife, transitions the venue from day to night with a more international flavour, but also flaunts a range of local tracks and musicians.

“We’ve been impressed with the quality of the music, so we’re embedding both playlists into some services,” Amanda noted, “…like in-room screens, a grazing box and a drinks cart.”

Facilitating the integration of Nightlife’s playlists into these services is a unique QR code that, when scanned, enables guests to save the music to their devices and take the tracks home with them.

Back at the Canberra and Sydney locations however, the mix of Australian and international music flows seamlessly throughout both venues.

“Our curation and reproduction processes ensure our content creates that valuable emotional connection between the A by Adina hotels and their guests, giving them the power to make a real impact with music,’ says Head of Content, Matt Lymbury.

“Every single song or video that is introduced to the Nightlife system undergoes a calculated process of review and remastering,” he explained.

Carefully considered curation and methodical production mean Nightlife’s playlists fit well alongside A by Adina’s natural products, local cuisine, wide open spaces, and innovative design.

Working together, all these elements, and so much more, are bringing the local spirit, quality finishes and impeccable hospitality of the A by Adina brand to life.

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