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NIGHTLIFE’S NYE ROADMAP: Host The Ultimate Party In Your Venue

2022 is almost here, so we’ve written the Nightlife NYE Roadmap, a to-do list with three tools you can use to host a knockout event in your venue and welcome the new year with open arms.

We’ve got Digital Signage to countdown to 2022, the latest DJ Sets to run your night, the New Year’s Eve Countdown to 2022 Mash-up to take your party into the new year, as well as some more traditional tracks to celebrate.

This is a complete kit of tools at your disposal, and whether you just want to use the New Year’s Eve Countdown to 2022 Mash-up to wow your customers, or all the gear available, here’s how.

1. Digital Signage to countdown to 2022.

The lead up to New Year’s Eve is always an exciting time. Fresh from the cheer of the Christmas holidays, people are keen to keep the party rolling on.

So, what better way to keep customers in high spirits than with some digital signage counting down the days, hours, and minutes to their next celebration?

The 2022 Countdown Clock can be placed on screens in your venue to remind customers that the party of the year is just around the corner!

This timer is available now in the Advertising Library on the desktop version of the Manage My Nightlife App, ready to be used in your venue.

It can be started on screens at any time, even right now! To learn more about setting up your 2022 Countdown Clock, click here.

2. The latest DJ Sets to run your night.

Nightlife’s DJ sets can get your patrons dancing into the new year or celebrating from the comfort of their seats – whatever works with the latest COVID-19 restrictions!

Set these to play for one to six hours and use them to keep the atmosphere going throughout the night or to compliment other acts playing in your venue.

Check them out:

  • DJ NYE – Featuring the biggest hits of 2021, this is the set you want to use to keep that lively NYE energy going all night long in your venue.
  • DJ PARTY – A compilation of old and new party tracks, spanning generations. This one will bring out all the moves, from the floss to the running man!
  • MIX DANCE – There’s nothing better than a good beat to get partygoers moving. As the name demonstrates, this list is perfect for venues where the dancefloor is open.
  • MIX CLUB – This high tempo set of some of the biggest club tracks of all time is perfect for getting everybody dancing (or toe-tapping!) as you ring in the new year.

3. The New Year’s Eve Countdown to 2022 Mash-up to take your party into the new year.

The last few minutes of the year are always the most memorable, as the anticipation and excitement of partygoers fills the room.

To build on this electrifying atmosphere, we’ve created the New Year’s Eve Countdown to 2022 Mash-up – exclusive for Nightlife clients and designed to be your party host for the final moments of the year.

A 10-minute-long, licensed compilation of top dance tracks from 2021, music videos for your screens, and a gradual voiceover countdown, you can schedule this mix to play at 11:50PM and set the scene for 2022 in an engaging and exhilarating way for your customers.

And when it’s time for that big crescendo of bubbles and fireworks? The New Year’s Eve Countdown to 2022 Mash-up will get your customers celebrating the new year with the biggest and most iconic tracks of 2021.

To get the New Year’s Eve Countdown to 2022 Mash-up into your venue, click here.

Want a taste of the action? Watch the teaser video:

4. Traditional tracks to celebrate.

Want to ring in the New Year in a more unique way, without dance tracks? We also have multiple versions of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in our systems!

This song is an annual rite of passage that’s been around since the 1920s. It’s known for its commemoration of the move from the old year into the new.

Boney M’s famous cover of this traditional track even includes a 10-second countdown to midnight!

If you schedule this special mix to start at 11:59:45, a voiceover will countdown the last 10 seconds of 2021 and, once the clock strikes 12, the cheery, commemorative song will begin to play, welcoming 2022 with open arms!

And that’s it!

Now you’ve got a plan! Your customers can spend NYE twisting and shouting alongside The Beatles, losing themselves to dance with Daft Punk and much more.

Leave 2021 behind in the best way possible, by welcoming in 2022 with some good music, great visuals and an atmosphere that will stay with your customers well into the new year.

NOTE: If you require Nightlife support to get your venue NYE ready with any of the tools mentioned, please do so by Wednesday 29th of December 2021.

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