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Australian Crawl Is Back On The Pub Scene

If you’ve ever seen the Manly Ferry cut its way to Circular Quay or wanted to give everything to be just like Errol, this one’s for you.

The recent 40th anniversary reissue of Australian Crawl’s iconic ‘Sirocco’ album and new music from beloved front man James Reyne have created perfect conditions for a wave of nostalgic, all-Aussie rock.

There’s no better time than November’s AusMusic Month to introduce our agreement with Universal that’s seeing this Aussie group’s iconic music library brought to your pubs, clubs and bars across the country.

What This Means For You

Several classic tracks from Australian Crawl have been added to our rotation and are now available to discover in your Nightlife system or crowdDJ®.

You can now proudly pick and play tracks like ‘The Boys Light Up’ and ‘Louie Louie’, knowing you’re supporting legacy Australian artists and the makers of this iconic Australian sound.

How We Got Our Hands On These Classic Aussie Tracks

Getting the Australian Crawl sound in Nightlife systems was always at the top of our to-do list.

“We’re incredibly passionate about being ambassadors for Australian music,’ explains our Content and Licensing Whiz, Nick Jones, “Australian Crawl felt like an essential part of the Aussie music landscape that we were missing.”

Working closely with Universal and the band’s management team, Nick coordinated the release of Australian Crawl’s iconic library into Nightlife’s hands and your music systems.

“I think our ongoing commitment to making sure royalties and licensing fees are correctly attributed through play data is what led to us being granted this amazing opportunity,” he said.

“We don’t just want more music into our systems, we want to support Australian acts and get them reaping the benefits too.”

We haven’t been the only ones keen to get Australian Crawl into Nightlife and crowdDJ® either … venue owners and their staff have too!

Nightlife’s Account Manager Chris, and huge fan of Australian Crawl, is giving all the new content a play!

“It’s overwhelming how many clients were chasing their music and music videos,” says Maurice Powell, our resident Video Archaeologist.

“There’s a lot of love for the band. Australian Crawl is a quintessential part of Aussie culture.”

Maurice was a key player when transforming Australian Crawl’s content from their original analogue state into digital products for Nightlife systems.

“It’s standard at Nightlife to reproduce, remaster and clean up our content to make it suitable for public play,” Maurice explains, “With the Australian Crawl library, we wanted the best quality audio and video so we could fully immerse patrons in the memory of the era.”

To make that magic happen, we collaborate with independent and major labels, as well as broadcasters, to gather the best possible content for our Nightlife clients.

Fortunately, we uncovered a number of original music videos safely stored on tape in our own archive from when Australian Crawl was at its peak!

Australian Crawl Sirocco Album Cover

The Result? An Iconic Release of Important Music

Getting Australian Crawl’s nostalgic sound into Nightlife systems is bound to reawaken the youth of the Aussie 80s in pubs, clubs and bars across the country.

Playing this music creates a connection and sense of comfort for patrons, which is an important part of making a memorable entertainment atmosphere in any venue.

Australian Crawl classics, like Downhearted, Beautiful People and Big Fish, are all available now in Nightlife systems and the crowdDJ® app for you, and your customers, to play loudly and proudly!

For those clients keen to turn up the volume on Aussie classics in their venue with music like Australian Crawl, Men At Work, AC/DC and more, reach out to us via our contact page.

Our Legacy series is dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage of the Australian music industry and giving clients a glimpse into the massive library of local music and content they can access on Nightlife.

It serves as a reminder that age-old classics and timeless Aussie sounds can be played alongside contemporary music; all homegrown talent, legacy or modern, has a place in the public space.

Look out for the Australian Played Legacy icon across our platforms to find out more about the work we’re doing to increase the number of Australian artists in Nightlife systems and the public spotlight.

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