Example of scheduling The Last Post using the Manage My Nightlife app for Remembrance Day

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Observing Remembrance Day in your venue with Nightlife Music

Remembrance Day is an annual, commemoration of a historic event.

The significance of this day, and in particular the minute of silence, make it important to have the right set-up in your venue, so you can ensure the utmost respect is shown.

We understand the importance of this day around the country, and so we’ve developed a few ways we can help you create a beautiful, commemorative atmosphere this November 11.

Scheduling The Last Post + The Ode

We have several versions of Laurence Binyon’s The Ode available in Nightlife systems.

The full version of The Ode is a self-contained commemoration service, beginning with The Last Post and concluding with one minute of silence. We also have a version without the minute of silence, as well as a few other options.

To learn how to schedule a version of The Last Post and The Ode for your venue’s minute of silence this Remembrance Day, click here.

Managing Your Venue Screens

It’s important to ensure you have a screen management plan in place. To assist you, we’ve created Remembrance Day images you can use on your screens,

You might like to program one slide to stay up for the duration of the day or intersperse slides with special messages reminding patrons about the minute’s silence. Whatever you decide, the images we’ve added to your Advertising Library will help you keep everyone informed.

For tips on how to display Remembrance Day visuals on your screens, click here.

Example of Remembrance Day slide available on the Manage My Nightlife web app

Getting Remembrance Day Ready

Whether your plan is to host a minute’s silence, or you’ve laid out a day full of commemorative events to remember those who have fallen, your Nightlife system will have something to help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Check out our support website for more tips or jump on our live chat if you need a hand!

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