Proudly playing Aussie artists this AusMusic Month? Use our Supporter’s Toolkit to prove it!


Proudly playing Aussie artists this AusMusic Month? Use our Supporter’s Toolkit to prove it!

Each November, we actively participate in ABC Australia’s AusMusic Month – a celebration of Australian music.

This year, our focus is on making it as easy as possible for you (our clients) to show your support and ensure local artists are played and paid.

The good news is your Nightlife system already enables you to show support without lifting a finger. Thanks to our Australian Played model, local music is easily identified across screens, kiosks and our crowdDJ® app with the Australian Played logo.

Aussie artists have also joined our call to action, by using their influence to request fans support Australian Played by picking their songs on your crowdDJ kiosks.

For Nightlife clients that want to go the next level in being more visible in their support we’ve put together a complete AusMusic Month Supporter’s Toolkit with key assets and strategies.

Download your complete Supporter’s Toolkit now!

Creating an AusMusic Month plan is an important part of making yourself visible as a local-loving legend, but it can also be time-consuming, so we’ve done the work for you!

We’ve created resources, complete with AusMusic assets and strategy, for Nightlife clients, music lovers, and artists + labels! They’re available now on the Australian Played website.

Inside you’ll find:

A crowdDJ® QR code tool to showcase your AusMusic Month playlist with one click

If you’re a venue with crowdDJ®, you’ll find AusMusic digital signage for your screens has been added to your ‘Advertising Library’, complete with a QR code that’s unique to your venue.

All your customers need to do is scan that QR code when it appears on your screens, and a virtual crowdDJ® kiosk will open. They can then use that to find and play music.

A digital strategy for AusMusic Month communication

Whether its socials, email, or your website, it’s important to have a complete comms plan for AusMusic Month to maximise your voice and your support.

We’ve put together a list of ideas for you to use, as well as provided example images and templates for posts and emails you can share with your customers.

Example Digital Signage. More available in the ‘Nightlife Clients’ Supporter’s Toolkit.

Tips for putting your tv screens to work

We’ve made AusMusic Month digital signage available in your Manage My Nightlife ‘Advertising Library’ alongside our COVID-19 health messages for screens to support you in getting the word out.

For help loading this digital signage, please visit our support website, where live chat is also available.

And plenty more!

In our supporter’s kit you’ll find even more ways for your business to show your support for AusMusic Month using Nightlife.

From curated playlists to increase the Aussie atmosphere in your venue, to actual play data you can use to prove your support to customers and key partners, we’ve got you covered.

For more information on our AusMusic Month campaign for 2021, you can check out our press release here. Otherwise, you can reach out to us via our contact page.

Campaign hashtag: #australianplayed #crowdDJ #AusMusicMonth #NightlifeMusic

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