Restart your Nightlife Quick Start Guide

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The Quick Start Guide to Restarting Your Nightlife

Lockdown ending? Looking for a way to get the party started again?

In the wise words of D:Ream, “Things Can Only Get Better” and Nightlife is here is to help you get back up and running!

Firstly, welcome back! It’s been a rough ride, but we are happy to see your doors reopening, drinks flowing, and Nightlife systems restarting.

To get you partying again like it’s 1999 and there were no restrictions, we’ve listed a few useful things below, and in this Quick Start Guide to assist -complimentary of your Nightlife service!

Turn it up with Nightlife’s DJ Sets

We may not all be dancing just yet, but we can sure get people bopping in their seats to our curated DJ Sets – a cost effective way to offer a great night out.

These are a special combination of lists, designed to play in a specific order and custom cued, providing the perfect alternative for live DJ’s and bands.

Because DJ Sets put the emphasis on the music as soon as you press play, turn up the volume, take song requests with crowdDJ®, and engage your customers – or members – with over 4 hours of live-performance-worthy content.

To learn more about DJ Sets, and how they can fit into your gym, bar, or entertainment schedule, click here.

Get your messages seen

COVID Compliance Messaging

Did you know, we have a suite of COVID-safe messages for your screens!

They not only look good but are proving very effective when played in between other visuals such as Sports TV and our viral video collection.

Hint: You may even wish to try dedicating one screen to solely displaying Nightlife digital signage ensuring your critical messages are not missed.

Available in the Manage My Nightlife Web App, head to the Advertising Library and load up a variety of COVID compliance messaging to help put your customers’ minds at ease. Find out more, here.

Your device is your remote

Manage My Nightlife lets you control the mood of your venue by putting your music and visual controls in the palm of your hand.

Download the free Manage My Nightlife app from the App Store or Google Play on your phone or use the Web App on your PC.

Manage My Nightlife DJ Sets

Our priority is to support all our customers staying open and staying safe by making the most of their Nightlife service and its extensive capabilities.

Special mention to our clients not yet out of lockdown, we hope you get to join us on the dancefloor soon. #WhenThisIsOver

For any guidance pressing play on these tips, Live Chat is available on our website.

For any further support, head to

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