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Legacy Artist, Tony O’Connor Celebrated

Studio Horizon and SGC Music have announced the re-release of Tony O’Connor’s classic Australian album ‘Rainforest Magic’ to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Tony’s soulful music joins our Café Spa lists, playing on cruise ships, and in fitness and accommodation venues worldwide to aid relaxation and recovery.

For the first time since his passing in 2010, Tony O’Connor‘s historic library has been revitalised.

O’Connor is one of the highest selling instrumental composers in the world, leading a movement of relaxation music; creating albums, film, and television music; and touring around Australia, until his passing at just 49 years old.

Tony O’Connor’s career took off in the 90s, during an era of cassettes and CDs, with his ‘Inspired By Nature’ series and ‘Relaxation Collection’. Using the sounds and haunting melodies of Australian nature, Tony’s recordings captured the essence of Australia’s natural beauty, using highly researched techniques to aid calm, relaxation, and meditation.

Rainforest Magic, one of his most beloved titles, now becomes the world’s first ever relaxation album re-mastered for Dolby ATMOS spatial audio (surround sound), celebrating its 30th anniversary – it is also the first time the album has been in print for many years.

Tony’s wife and Studio Horizon business partner, Jacqui O’Connor, said;

“The new masters stay true to Tony’s vision for the album but create a whole new soundscape that will take the listener’s experience of the album to an entirely new level.”

Due to release November 5th, his content is back and better than ever.

Studio Horizon have worked with Brisbane-based SGC Music on releasing 28 of his albums on digital platforms, many for the very first time and Nightlife have already sent 70 of Tony’s original tracks to your Nightlife systems!

Listen to ‘Rainforest Magic’ (1991) on Spotify now.

Playing predominantly in day spas and leisure facilities, the Tony O’Connor catalogue has touched the lives of millions and continues to, even in his absence.

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