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Get your screens in the game! Footy season NRL highlights & more

After a year of lockdowns and lockouts, we are welcoming the 2021 sports season!

It’s time to make sure your music and visuals are primed to keep your customers entertained and engaged in and around each game. Follow these tips to ensure the atmosphere in your venue keeps kicking goals long after the final whistle sounds.

NRL Highlights before and after live matches
Nightlife’s energy-packed Sports Vision features the best clips from a stream of epic contributors, including the NRL! The NRL highlights package features all the top plays, big hits, and some of the greatest League and Origin moments throughout history.
New clips are added from each round as the season progresses, and you have full control over how and when NRL highlights play in your venue as well as the ability to schedule this content alongside other visuals.

If you’d like to add Sports Vision to your venue offering, please click this link.

Promote your specials with Digital Signage

We’ve put together some footy-themed Digital Advertising slides for your TV screens.  Visit ‘Advertising Manager’ in the Manage My Nightlife web app to put them to work.

Schedule our Text-Over-Image slides before the game to maintain interest in the lead-up to kick-off. You could also use them to promote food and beverage deals or other events within your venue. Add text over the top of each image easily to create your own custom messages.

Here’s a preview:

Tip! All forms of Digital Advertising can be set to show on your screens on whichever days and hours you like, meaning there’s no need to be caught out showing messages for the Grand Final after it’s over.

Bridge the gap between games with our DJ programmed lists

Easily entertain your crowd by pressing play on our new DJ Sets. Click here for instructions on how to load these featured DJ Sets. We’re dropping fresh sets in there regularly to cover you for any party. List playing times can also be precisely set… perfect for sporting intervals… or used turn up the atmosphere as a DJ would before or after the game.

Tip! To make an impact with music, you have to be able to hear it. Please remember to switch your screens back to Nightlife after each game, and turn the volume up. 


If you have crowdDJ enabled on your Nightlife system, it’s like having an ace up your sleeve. Once the footy is finished, keep your crowd – what better way to do that than by letting them pick their favorite songs?

Don’t have crowdDJ yet? Learn more on our website.

We wish your venue a full and vibrant footy season! If you need any help activating any of the features mentioned in this post, please reach out to us via the support website!

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