Guide to sharing crowdDJ with your followers

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Guide to sharing crowdDJ with your followers!

So you’ve got crowdDJ! Your customers can now engage with the music played in your venue or club.

This social media sharing guide will help you spread the news.

Social Media Sharing Guide

Introduce crowdDJ
  • Getting crowdDJ installed is exciting! Your first post should introduce the crowdDJ concept to your customers.
  • Here’s some caption inspiration:

You now have the power to choose the songs that play here at [YOUR LOCATION/VENUE NAME]. Yep, we’re bringing you the power to choose your music thanks to our friends at crowdDJ. Download the app now (it’s free), check-in and start picking your favourite tracks!

Great news! We’re giving you the power to pick the music in [YOUR LOCATION/VENUE NAME]. We’ve just installed crowdDJ so download the app now to get started. What song are you choosing first?

  • Don’t forget to tag @crowdDJ on both Instagram and Facebook – we love seeing your posts and sharing them to our accounts!
Here are some graphics you can use:
  • More images like this can be found here
Encourage engagement by creating your own content
  • Try taking your own photos or short videos. This creates an opportunity to not only show off the crowdDJ system but also the community of customers at your venue/club.
  • Here are some past examples:

@Live Well Health Clubs

@ Snap Fitness Myaree 

  • Some caption examples to inspire engagement:

What’s your fave song right now? We want to hear it! Download the crowdDJ app and pick your music next time you’re in!

We’re handing the music over to you! Download the crowdDJ app and you’ll be able to pick your tracks during your next workout. What are you listening to?

  • To maximize the number of people seeing your post and increasing the chance of us seeing it make sure to use these tags :

#australianplayed  #crowdDJ 

  • Don’t forget to get creative! ..  Here are some more past pictures from crowdDJ venues/clubs:

Happy sharing!
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