Stay Open And Stay Safe With Nightlife

You’re probably wearing many hats in your business right now.

You’re front of house, back of house, hotel security and in some cases the DJ.

You’re adapting at a rapid pace to meet government health regulations, but still keeping up with customer expectations.

With so much going on, we wanted to assure our clients that the features within their Nightlife system can by used to help educate their customers on the ways that they are COVID-safe.

Additionally, it’s also very possible to create an appropriate environment for patrons to socialise, without breaching social distancing guidelines.

The Carriers Arms Hotel Motel as one example, are doing a great job educating their customers on how to do this.

This article includes a few more tips just like this. Read on…

2020 has taught us that we don’t need a packed dance-floor to offer a great night out.

Our new app features include the ability to push play on curated DJ SETS. DJ SETS are designed to sound like a DJ by playing for specific period-of-time in a custom-curated order.

This lets you play toe-tapping foreground music, without the pressure of a live performance which may give the impression that dancing is required.

Some DJ Sets have even been described as “the most fun you can have sitting down!”

For anyone who has ever wanted to be the DJ, now you can. Here’s a few ways you can use them:

If your world is hospitality: You can easily give your customers the good time they have been waiting for. Hospitality staff can use the app to play music that’s always a crowd-pleaser (by playing DJ Sets), or engage customers by playing their song requests individually with crowdDJ, and without compromising the atmosphere in your venue.

If you’re into fitness: Get ready to share your new title on insta… you are now a DJ Instructor! There is nothing more powerful than giving people their songs. You can now combine crowdDJ with group training to give members their music.  The instructor is in control and requests can be taken before, during or saved up to play after each class.

To learn more about DJ SETS, click here.

DJ Instructors. It’s a thing. Fitness sites: Pushing Play On DJ Sets.

Got screens? It’s time to turn them on and put them to work!

Our library of COVID compliant digital signage has been specifically designed to look good in a hospitality environment.

Here’s an example:

These are ready to go and are proving very effective when played in between other visuals such as SPORTS TV and our viral video collection.

Tip! There has never been a more important time for your messages to be seen. Permanently dedicate one screen to display Nightlife digital signage and visuals, ensuring that your critical messages are not missed. Got multiple screens? Use the others to show other sources such as Pay TV and FTA, without interruption to your core messaging.

To learn more about COVID-compliant signage, click here.

During these extremely turbulent times, our priority is to support our Nightlife customers to stay open and stay safe by making the most of the tips mentioned, all of which are complimentary with their Nightlife service.

Live chat is available on our website for those who’d like to press play on these tips, as is a quick-start guide for client’s currently reopening with Nightlife.

For further support, please visit:

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