Keeping Australian Played With A Continued Focus On Aussie Made


While the whole country is cautiously optimistic about the greater Australian community pulling together to thwart the COVID-19 crisis, there is a general awareness that the Music Industry has uniquely devastating challenges to face.

APRA AMCOS, ARIA and Screen Producers Australia have launched the AUSSIE MADE Campaign to help get Aussie artists back onto their feet and earning an income as soon as possible.

“Broadcasters and digital platforms have a huge opportunity to build on Australia’s appetite for local content by exposing them to even more Australian music” says APRA AMCOS CEO Dean Ormston and Nightlife Music has jumped at the great opportunity to help promote Australian content old and new in the massive public performance space.

We are joining the fight and are ready to answer the call to arms to help support Australian artists by playing even more Aussie music.

Through our crowdDJ® platform and our Australian Played initiative, we’ve been putting Aussie artists front and centre in thousands of public performance spaces around Australia, and are now making a further commitment to increase the minimum percentage of Australian content in playlists.

Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the doors have temporarily closed on many of the businesses that would be playing Aussie content, but there is one message that our co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Mark Brownlee wants to make sure is loud and clear: the music never stops!

“The local music industry is as active as ever right now, and we’re supporting the artists and labels as best we can in these times” says Brownlee. “We’ve got a number of projects going on in the background in preparation for when venues around the country are finally able to reopen and importantly, it is with a laser-focus on highlighting Australian-made content in every facet of what we do.”

While we are waiting for venues across Australia to reopen, check out Nightlife Music’s Australian Played Spotify playlists for a taste of the best locally-made music, with themes such as:

Aussie BBQ
fresh oz
aussie Country
Top 50 most selected Australian tracks FROM VENUES ACROSS AUSTRALIA

To learn more about the AUSSIE MADE campaign click here.

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