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Music Partners During Closures

UPDATE: We’re back open with all hands on deck. For help getting back up and running, check out this article.

For over thirty years we have been proud music partners of Australian clubs, bars, restaurants, gyms and many other business sectors that as of today, will close.

Nightlife as a fully family-owned and funded Brisbane business with wonderful staff will also be severely impacted.

Throughout today we too will lose a majority of our clients and we truly understand the distress this unprecedented and unpredictable crisis is causing.  But as a strong and proud Australian small business, we want to assure you that this is temporary, and we will be here when things start returning back to normal. Furthermore, for any clients still able to trade, you can rely on our service and support throughout these extraordinary times.

To make it easy for you we are implementing the below measures immediately.  These changes are automatic and if they fit your scenario, you don’t need to do anything for them to take effect, but as always, we are here if you would like to talk anything through.

Firstly, for all our clients around Australia we want you to know that regardless of your invoices, we are not stopping our systems from playing great music.  So, if you are open to the public in full or partially or just have a few staff working behind closed doors, please enjoy it.

From a monthly fees perspective we can advise the following:

  1. If your venue is closed:
    1. Nightlife will put your monthly service fees on hold.  So, despite the invoices we sent last week, we will not be charging you for the service
    2. By default, (i.e. without requiring you to call or email us) we will apply this to all pubs, clubs, gyms, leisure centres and any other venues designated by the Government closures
    3. If your venue is not in this category but closes, you will need to notify us, so we can credit the appropriate amounts
  2. If your venue is partially operating:
    1. This is for those restaurants/cafes providing take-away, accommodation properties, etc. where you are still able to trade, albeit in a reduced capacity
    2. Across the board, we will halve your fees
    3. Once again, if you operate a venue(s) that are in this category, but your individual situation is different, you will need to notify us, so we can work out the appropriate response
  3. If your venue is continuing to trade:
    • We will continue to support you with our full service, doing our part to entertain your staff and customers in these crazy times
    • Your service fees will remain in place as per normal
    • This is predominantly for our retail and bottleshop clients
    • Of course, should the situation change, then we will change with it

Please note, all of these measures will be reviewed on a month by month basis starting with the April invoice.

Finally, for any clients that have taken advantage of our hardware repayment plans (i.e. financing) to spread the cost of your equipment over a period of time, we ask that you please continue to pay these smaller amounts.  This helps to keep some money flowing through our business and to repay the debt for the Media Players that we expensed on your behalf.  Please contact us if this poses a problem for you and we will discuss it with you.

We wish all of you well during these terrible times.  We will be here when life starts to return to normal, and we will do our part to get customers out and about having fun again when it is safe to do so.  It goes without saying that we are in this with you, as we have been for 30 years, experiencing all of the same anxiety and stresses that you are and doing everything we can to help both you and our own teams.  We are a strong business and we will come through this but if your business is in a position to continue paying some or all of your fees during these telling times, please let us know; you will have our immense gratitude now and long after this is all behind us.

Thank you

The Nightlife Team

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