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See here! In 2020 screens and visuals rule.

What’s best to show on your screens?

The highlights of your favourite footy game or the latest catwalk fashion?Surfers riding monster waves or hilarious bloopers?
Stunning scenic shots or animal antics?

Of course, the answer depends on who is watching.

Your screens are valuable real estate and just as music is personalised, customised visuals will serve you best to keep customers engaged and noticing your messages.

Here’s some tips on choosing your visuals.

  • Consider your brand. That’s the people who are in your venue. If located on the beach, snow clips might not be for you but surfing, action sports and other holiday-fun footage is spot on.
  • Consider your demographic. If you’re a dining venue and have families eating in the first half of the evening, some beautiful landscapes interspersed with kid-friendly clips and meal promos work well. In the same vein, a gym will be best placed to show fitness clips, while a cruise ship might prefer lifestyle and travel.
  • Where are your screens located? If screens are in sports areas, it won’t make sense to show timelapse, but our NRL, AFL and other sports highlights would slot in seamlessly outside live game/race times.
  • What vibe do you want? You shouldn’t be locked to just one channel or one style. Vintage movie clips are perfect for a theme night, while teens love to see bloopers and trick shots.

Head to our support website for a more detailed how-to video:

Content Director Matthew Lymbury says the increase in quality visuals over the past few years means businesses can get exactly what they want, programmed to amplify in-venue messaging.

“Nightlife was borne of the incredible interest in music videos when MTV launched in the ‘80s, so we know the impact of great visuals and put just as much effort into curating visuals as we do music.

“There’s so much choice for our clients. We started with just 2 visual lists many years ago and now have 40+ suppliers.

“We have deals with companies like RedBull, Jukin, Garage and have a vast catalogue that also includes highlight clips from the NRL and AFL, which sits alongside and complements live games. People are especially excited to see classic and historic game footage and big hits!

“We have it all.”

We can help you choose the right visuals for your business.
Visit the support website. 

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