crowdDJ Kiosk surrounds

Venue Management

Attract the right attention with a crowdDJ 22″ kiosk surround

You’ve made an investment in a 22″ crowdDJ kiosk and if you’d like to bring even more attention to it, a kiosk surround is the perfect solution.

crowdDJ kiosk surround

These surrounds give your Kiosk a little more ‘pop’ and attract more song requests. Kiosk surrounds:

  • Can be retrofitted or installed with a new Kiosk
  • Are made from durable and hardwearing material
  • Are supplied with necessary fittings for all wall types
  • Are supplied with installation instructions
  • Come standard with all 22″ wall-mounted Kiosks
  • Recommended install by an AV professional

See further information on Kiosk install on our Support website.

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