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Welcome to the new level of Nightlife support

Forgotten how to load playlists?

Can’t remember how to log on to the app?

Want to know why you can’t hear music or the great visuals or digital advertising isn’t displaying?

Or worse…have you forgotten your password for Manage My Nightlife?

When it comes to tech-critical, Jeremy Dougall leads a team of music first responders.

“We have clients that open early or close late (or never at all!) so we are available around the clock to help,” Jeremy said.

“Anything from helping our customers get their network resolved, to training and educating clients on how to get the most value from their service. A lot of it is as simple as making sure the right things are turned on, the right music is playing, managing content on screens, or just how to use the apps in general.”

As head of Technical Services, Jeremy and his team are the Nightlife front line for music emergencies.

They know where there’s no music, there’s casualties but in most cases the treatment is simple, and help is just a 24/7 phone call away.

Support website launched

Now that triage is being further expanded with Nightlife launching a support website which complements the existing 24/7 phone service.

“We would often have conversations that would start with ‘I couldn’t find this on your website’. People were jumping on to the website first to try to find information or they were busy and couldn’t spend much time on the phone right at that moment.”

“We used to provide a lot of paper documentation to help with installation and how-tos, but things have changed.

“We have more clients, new features that can quickly be superseded by new tech and people don’t generally drag a lot of documents with them any more,” Jeremy said.

“So, we’ve decided its time.”


“The goal is to help people access the information they need faster from one central point that our clients can get on anytime, which complements and boosts the training we provide and our 24/7 line.”

“We will always be on call 24/7, we’re just adding more ways to get a result and hopefully faster.”

Live chat

And that includes live chat, which Jeremy explained will be especially important for Nightlife’s international clients, where there may be some language barriers for those that don’t speak tech fluently.

“It adds a new stream for people who will find it more convenient or it’s their preferred method of communication, like personal trainers who have to constantly put the phone down, go and do something and then come back to pick it up or those who are multitasking from their workstation.”

‘It also offers more visual support to easily send photos back and forth. People can live chat on their phone and be snapping photos of any tech issues – it’s very easy for us to circle something that might need attention and send it straight back.”

“We also want to look into other language options for live chat in the future.”

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