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Putting the FUN in Functions!

Introducing the latest music innovation to make your weddings, parties, and anything including karaoke easier to manage, memorable for customers and all at your fingertips.

The new Manage My Nightlife feature has been designed for venues that offer functions to their customers who want to stamp their own mark on their event.

  • Your customers want to play their own Spotify music.
  • Your customers want to skip songs or pause for speeches when they want.
  • You want “set and forget” entertainment to free-up staff time for service.
  • You want tools to monitor when a function or karaoke booking is due to expire.

With the new functions/karaoke feature in the Manage My Nightlife app, you can do all of this and more.

Here’s how we’ve innovated to help you bring the party!

Functions/Karaoke Wizard

The wizard centralises all the controls needed to set up entertainment for a crowdDJ® hosted function or karaoke in one place, using a simple and intuitive interface that also provides live feedback when the session is underway.

This wizard works in the same way as a setup wizard for a computer program, guiding you to create your event step by step.

crowdDJ Host Control

Using the wizard, you can assign Host Mode control to anyone with the crowdDJ app, allowing your guests to adjust the volume, control playback and load their own Spotify lists all via the app during their session.

Forget sharing Spotify links, plugging in phones or having staff on-hand to adjust the volume on the mixer – it’s all available to customers at the touch of a button via the crowdDJ app.

Session Timer

Trying to manage multiple functions or karaoke rooms? Finding it difficult to turn over sessions when the music is still playing?

We’ve added a countdown timer to the wizard so you can set the duration of a session, monitor the countdown, and choose how the system responds when the session time expires.

Watch this video to learn how these features work!

To access the new features today, update or download the Manage My Nightlife app from the App Store or Google Play.

Keen to use the new features but need more information? Visit the support website.


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