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COMPETITION: The search for the Top-Notch crowdDJ Location begins!

Over 1.17million songs were selected on crowdDJ in Nightlife venues in Australia and New Zealand last month so it’s time to celebrate with our annual Top Notch competition!

No matter what your business – restaurant, hotel, gym, leisure centre or retail store – your customer is your brand. Allowing them to play their music in your venue using crowdDJ can help create community and connections, strengthen your brand recognition and loyalty, and increase dwell time.

One of the most engaged crowdDJ Locations is World Gym Burpengary, with 2,629 songs chosen by members in the month of August alone! Director Justin Bellas introduced crowdDJ to the club and sees it as a great initiative for members.

“World Gym Burpengary is the largest full-service, custom-built 24/7 World Gym in Australia and we’ve put in two crowdDJ Kiosks to satisfy our members’ music needs. We see crowdDJ as a great value add for gyms and the music has been spot on from the start.”

Why get involved in the competition?

The Top-Notch crowdDJ Location search aims to:

  • help you grow revenue through onsite spend
  • increase traffic to your business (in real life and on social media)
  • find out who loves crowdDJ in your venue
  • guarantee $500 of spend in the winning location

How does the competition work?

In parallel with the Top Notch crowdDJ Location, we’re searching for the Top Notch crowdDJ – a social media competition for the public. It’ll tie right in to this Location campaign, with customers asked to visit crowdDJ venues across Australia and New Zealand and take photos using crowdDJ. Every entry is in the running to win $500 to spend in their favourite crowdDJ Location (hint – you want that to be you!).

On our end, we’ll provide Digital Advertising for your screens, as well as artwork for social media and support to get customers/members involved and help you run your best campaign yet!

We’ll work with the winning Nightlife crowdDJ venue to organise the $500 spend on the customer’s behalf and ensure this gets to them.

The competition begins now and finishes up on October 31, so don’t wait! You can get cracking straight away on promotion by downloading the free marketing kit below.

For how to enter and Terms and Conditions for customers, visit bit.ly/TopNotchComp.

Download the free marketing kit to promote #TopNotchComp

Images for social media | Digital Advertising slides for your screens

Top Notch logo – if you have a marketing team and would like to design your own social tiles/advertising

If you have any questions about this competition or crowdDJ, please give us a call on 1800 773 468. And finally, follow us on social media to ensure you’re seeing all the action as it happens!

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crowdDJ: Facebook | Instagram

Some examples of Top Notch posts

Wondering if crowdDJ can work for you?

Get a little more insight into how some of our clients use crowdDJ and the difference it makes in their businesses:

White Bull Hotel

“We love the functionality and innovation of crowdDJ. Our customers can choose their favourite songs from their phones and that means the music is always relevant and what they want to hear. It’s really been a great success for White Bull and our uni crowd!” Tom Gurr, Venue Manager, White Bull Hotel

CLUB Lime – Wollongong

We wanted a music solution that could engage members and help with retention – crowdDJ is exactly that. Since introducing crowdDJ we’ve really noticed that the club has come alive and there’s a much stronger connection between staff and members, which we’ve helped build through light-hearted music battles. The Illawarra has a really strong music culture and we are proud to represent that by being one of the top crowdDJ sites across the country. Daniel Swanbury, Club Lime Manager – Wollongong

Get on board with the Top Notch campaign! Call us on 1800 773 468 to discuss your options.

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