Awesome visuals - AFL and Jukin


Major ambient visual catalogues released – AFLW, AFL + Jukin!

Awesome content is coming your way.

Two major catalogues of exciting ambient visual content are ready for your venue so get amongst it!


We’ve taken a mark and kicked a goal! Footy mad businesses around the country will be excited to hear that AFLW and AFL clips from the 2019 season as well as historically significant moments and footage is now part of the Nightlife library for you to enjoy all year round.

Jukin Media

You might have seen videos on Facebook where a woman does yoga on the beach and is unsuspectingly swamped by a wave, or a ginger kitten eats its kibble lying inside its food bowl, just living its best life. Well the people behind a bunch of viral clips like these are Jukin Media and we are excited to be bringing you their brands People Are Awesome, The Pet Collective, Poke My Heart, Fail Army and Jukin Video! Bite-size video clips with a short story to tell, they’ll bring the laughs, the fun and the heart-warming “awwwww” for your customers.

Jukin – People Are Awesome


Why use ambient visuals?

All of Nightlife’s ambient visual clips are designed to provide pops of fun, entertainment, beauty or awe on your screens, so they can be shown wherever and whenever you like.

With a big range of excellent clips available from suppliers like Jukin, AFL, Red Bull, NRL, Garage, How Ridiculous and many more, there’s sure to be some catalogues that suit the ambience you’re building in your venue.

It’s easy to switch visual sources for your screens if anything (your stuff, our stuff or free-to-air) better matches the customers that are in your venue to keep them locked in and engaged.

How do you get it?

For eligible venues, these visual catalogues are included as part of your existing Nightlife subscription. To find out if you’re eligible, please contact us and have a chat with our customer service team.

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