Nightlife at the museum

Rarely heard Brisbane musical treasures have been uncovered and will be included in Museum of Brisbane’s highly anticipated exhibition High Rotation from 30 August 2019-19 April 2020.

Nightlife Music, with one of the world’s richest and most compelling music video libraries, has unlocked its vault housing thousands of local artists, as the exhibition partner for the eight-month run.

Nightlife content programmer Nick Jones said all the international superstars the city has produced will feature, from Keith Urban to Savage Garden, The Veronicas to Powderfinger, but what will thrill are the music gems the Brisbane based music technology company had rediscovered or remastered.

“We have some extraordinary content in our library, some that has rarely been seen before if ever,” Jones said.

“We have found a tape from hip hop band Resin Dogs that we’ve regenerated and it’s particularly exciting because it features Brisbane landmarks from more than 25 years ago,” he said.

“We have been able to digitise and restore an old clip from DJ Angus, who was a producer and influencer at the forefront of the local music scene in the 90s,” Jones said.

“This incredibly rare video is his only known music video produced by a student at the Queensland College of Art and pulled together from a series of live gigs and unique linking footage,” he said.

DJ Angus worked at the long-gone Central Station Records music store in Fortitude Valley. He was an electro, then house music DJ at a time when no such scene existed in Brisbane and was considered a pioneer right up until his death in the late 2000s.

“There would only be a couple of old, dusty VHS tapes of this song existing anywhere in the world,” Jones said.

“Even more incredible, we still don’t know the name of the song.”

Digging up more music gold Nightlife has secured the little known, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ from ground-breaking Indigenous artist Kev Carmody. Nick Jones said the exceptional find was produced before Carmody’s breakthrough
song, ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ and paved the way for many other Indigenous musicians.

Drawing from its 30-year collection and extensive catalogue of music clips, Nightlife will also provide the immersive interactive technology via its crowdDJ® innovation, which allows visitors to pick the music they want to hear before touring the exhibition and then take it home.

As well as providing the music video content for High Rotation, Nightlife’s original technology will be on display.

Co-founders Tim de Souza and Mark Brownlee, who invented the world’s first video jukebox, have provided the original hand-drawn sketches and circuit board prototype from 1989.

“It’s incredible the timing of this exhibition falling at the same time we are ticking off our 30 years,” said Mark Brownlee.

“Innovation has been part of the fabric of the Brisbane music scene for three decades, so supporting Museum of Brisbane to showcase our local identity through music and tech and in our very own backyard is a project we are enormously proud to be part of.”

Museum of Brisbane’s exhibition High Rotation turns up the volume on three epic decades of Brisbane’s incredible music scene from 1989-today. Showcasing some of Brisbane’s most memorable musicians, the exhibition will take music lovers down memory lane and introduce a new generation to this iconic musical era through film clips, photographs, instruments, souvenirs and ephemera.

Experience a catalogue of rare remastered film clips and hear from music labels, managers and artists, producers and venues as they share their stories, influences and highlights from Brisbane’s past, present and future of Australian music.

Museum of Brisbane Director, Renai Grace said, “music is part of Brisbane’s DNA. High Rotation explores the extraordinary musicians, who kick-started their careers in Brisbane as well as the heroes behind the scenes including managers, venues and of course Nightlife Music, who are also celebrating 30 years since its inception.”

Tickets to High Rotation are on sale now through Museum of Brisbane’s website.

High Rotation is supported by Nightlife Music, Hutchinson Builders, Maxell, ABC Radio Brisbane, goa, JCDecaux and The Weekend Edition.

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