Cruisin’ the world’s music

Music for spaces. Music for themes. Music for events.

Nightlife’s rich library of music and specialty visual content from around the world means the atmosphere can be customised to suit any space.

From fitness studios, bowling alleys, pool decks and playgrounds, to hotels, bars and restaurants, and from spas, retreats and lounges to retail stores, clubs and staff only areas; we have the music businesses want to play – and their guests and employees want to hear.

Cruise operators have all these spaces and many more, so just as being able to unpack once and experience the world is a key attraction of cruising, a single stop berth for music is a must.

Cruise ships provide everything their passengers dream of between ports, and the soundscape plays a big part of this; it bolsters the onboard experience and takes theming and variety to new levels.

Some modern cruise operators are embracing themes and running cruises dedicated to certain music styles. A great example of this is Princess Cruises.

Take 5 jazz theatres onboard Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess will take guests on a musical journey alongside their physical one, with live performances, special music curation and interactive experiences that bring jazz to life.

Nightlife Music programmer Kelly Hines says, “This was a great project. From the 1920s to now, we have globally sourced and listened to hundreds of tracks narrowing it down to around 400 songs perfectly matched across each of the themes.”

It’s just as easy, however, to have different music in every space at once.

Our music curation is as extensive as the oceans – here are just some applications of our library:

Music for spaces: child-friendly pop, gaming room tunes, pumping gym tracks, blissful spa grooves, French café vibes;

Music for themes: Hawaiian luau, salsa night, 50s festival, 80s party, speak-easy swing, J and K Pop party, disco fever, reggae afternoon;

Music for events: Oktoberfest, Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Karaoke, St Patrick’s Day;

Learn how to load any playlist using our Manage My Nightlife smartphone app. 

A crowdDJ® Kiosk is also a great addition to the entertainment roster for any business. Allowing guests to request and vote for their favourite songs energises a space, helps to increase dwell time while they wait for their song to play or can keep a crowd engaged between live acts.

But we know it’s not just about music. The technical aspects of running your entertainment at sea or on land are just as important. Features like offline playback, regular music updates, family-friendly filtering and custom scheduling help complete the music side of things. Digital marketing, raffles, karaoke and bingo can also be managed via our system and apps.

The world’s music is your oyster with Nightlife.

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