Get all the footy with Nightlife's NRL and State Of Origin ambient visuals!

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Get all the footy in our NRL and State Of Origin Highlights package

Whether you’re rejoicing or commiserating after Origin Game I, there’s no reason to let the footy fever die down.

With Origin Game II being held in Perth on June 23, interest is high across the country – and what better way to tap into that, than screening weekly highlight clips of THE BEST moments from each NRL round and from each Origin game!

To top it off, we’ve sourced all the famous (and infamous) moments from Origins past, so you’ll have a rich library of highlights for your screens.

These ambient visual lists are called ORIGIN_TV and NRL_TV.

When should you screen NRL_TV or ORIGIN_TV?

Before and after live matches. This will extend viewing time for your footy loving customers and give them some topical content to discuss over a beer or between sets at the gym.

Remaining State of Origin dates
  • Game II: Sunday, June 23 at Optus Stadium Perth
  • Game III: Wednesday, July 10 at ANZ Stadium, Sydney

Don’t have NRL_TV or ORIGIN_TV yet?

Call us on 1800 773 468 and we’ll get you set up.

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