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Speaking socially: online tips for connecting with your customers using crowdDJ

Posters, radio ads, TV, email campaigns or even letterbox drops! Businesses have used them all and more to promote their brand, products, services or sales.

But running a professional social account presents a huge (and free) opportunity to bring more visitors to your business and create an audience that’s poised to learn more about your promotions and events.

We’ve been keeping an eye on some Nightlife clients using crowdDJ® that have hit the ‘customer engagement high notes’ on their social channels.

How are they doing it? By harnessing people’s passion for music, they are creating a fun and engaging environment that their customers want to interact with. From crowdDJ’d ‘Sally Up, Sally Down’ group fitness challenges, through to shout-outs to ‘Be the DJ’ and ‘Take Over The Tunes’, our crowdDJ clients have always got something interesting to talk about.

However, developing fresh online content that will wed your customer to your brand, isn’t always easy.  To help get the creative juices flowing here are a few stand-out examples.

Surprise and delight

Everyone loves something for nothing and a number of crowdDJ locations have tapped into this by telling their followers that they have crowdDJ available and that it’s free for them to use.

Why are they doing it? It adds further value to their service. We’re even seeing crowdDJ promoted in its own right as an events tool.

Be a visual storyteller

Sure, you guys might run other businesses, but based on the detail in the videos that clients have been creating to highlight crowdDJ features some might be convinced otherwise!

From quick pointers explaining ‘How to crowdDJ’, through to full walk-throughs highlighting ‘How to pick a song’, these informal videos do a great job of helping customers relate to their businesses and feel comfortable using crowdDJ technology.

Get them involved

Facebook and Instagram have given us some great tools for interacting and getting real-time feedback. From weekly ‘song versus song’ polls urging followers to vote for their favourite tune, through to competitive call-outs prompting more song selections so that their club comes out on top of the crowdDJ leaderboard, it’s never been easier to start a conversation with your customers.

Get them voting:

Tap into their competitive spirit:

Make your place, their place

From what we’ve seen there is no shortage of people taking to their socials to tell their friends and family about the music that they are picking. It could be a friendly share to boast that they just contributed to a ‘Rick Roll’ at their favourite sporting event or just talking about a song that they can’t get enough of, there is an opportunity to capture these moments and build them into your social media posting strategy.

Tip: Use your screen network to encourage your clients to share their music moments at your business by tagging @yourbusiness and @crowdDJ (we love seeing these too!) in their social posts. You can reward followers and encourage further posts by featuring them on your social channels or even on your screens. Example: “Meet Jane, she’s our crowdDJ of the week!”

Keep it entertaining

Just like in sales, people do business with people they like and on socials, people follow those that they relate to the most. Post content that is relevant to your brand, aligned with the interests of your followers and always keep your tone conversational.  Where possible, keep the design of your posts attractive by using good quality images. Social media is today’s shop front – so you want to make sure that yours looks inviting.

Doing these things takes time, but if you are consistent, you will end up with an audience of like-minded people that get what you’re all about, giving them a reason to keep checking in with you.

Because Nightlife clients notoriously have their hands full, we’ve put together a simple guide for promoting crowdDJ on your socials, along with a bunch of pre-made image templates.

We can’t wait to see and share your fresh, new posts!

Tip: If you would like something more customised to your business, check-out Canva or Easil. These web apps come with ready-made socials templates that are great for a range of businesses. You can use their templates as is, or personalise the content to suit you. Similarly, if you have a fun idea on how to reach your customers with crowdDJ and would like to work with us on it, please email

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