Case Study

The Secret to the 5 Senses Strategy

Dave Whimpey is an expert in the five senses strategy.

The CEO of Surf Life Saving Queensland and former CEO of Brisbane Racing Club teaches his staff about engaging ‘The Five Senses Strategy’ for customers, promoting repeat visitation and a great experience.

He says that it’s not just about customers coming in for a steak, a pie or a bet, it’s about setting the ambience – right through the five senses.

  • Touch
  • Sight
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Hearing (which includes music)

Whimpey believes that if you can adapt your business to the five senses and if you use this strategy in the right way, you can create higher yield and higher conversions.

“People will stay longer if you’ve got this right.”

He tasks his Managers with having a very acute awareness of the ambience across the day and across the various zones of the venue, including the temperature, lighting, smells, tastes and sounds.

“Music is a very, very key part of that. If you walk into an area and it’s wrong, it’s the wrong set, you’re playing the wrong music, you’ve got the wrong five senses strategy, for example, you might have families walk in, take a very good look around, and if they’re not into that sort of music they’ll leave.”

Whimpey says that his team have demonstrated that if you can get the music right across the full spectrum of an eight-hour visit, you can actually get people to come with you on that journey.

“Nightlife has absolutely helped in that. The intuitiveness of it, the way we can program it, learning from that experience and then setting those tracks actually takes all the hard work out of it.”

He says the technology can be innovative, but you need to have a manager that really understands that as well.

‘You want to be taking customers on that journey.”

Whimpey says that when you get the five senses right, people will stay longer and have a better experience, and the repeat visitation is compelling.

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