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The secret to crowdDJ success

Engaged and active staff can make a big difference to the successful launch and management of your crowdDJ® service.

We’ve had a chat to two managers, Andy Adams from The Greenock in SA and Kerri Smith from Brooklands Tavern in WA, who know when and how to use crowdDJ® to make a difference. They’ve used it to build relationships with customers, encourage get-togethers and increase dwell time (and food and beverage spend) in their venues.

The Greenock, SA

When customers walk into The Greenock; a small, family run country pub in the Barossa Wine region in South Australia, each Wednesday night, they’re not just rolling in for a pint. They are rocking up to listen to music.

“We are getting 20-30 blokes and the numbers are growing,” said Andy Adams Assistant Manager and son of owners Amanda and Chris.

“95% of the blokes are tradies, truck drivers and they’re young, mid 20’s and 30’s and they are choosing old rock and old country and loving it.”

Andy Adams, Assistant Manager at The Greenock

When Andy says ‘they’re choosing music’, he means he has turned over the soundtrack of his venue to his customers. They’re choosing bands like Dire Straits, Daddy Cool, Cold Chisel, Eagles and Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

He has installed crowdDJ®, Nightlife Music’s interactive music app that gives consumers a say in what songs they listen to.

It’s hugely popular in the fitness industry but use in the hospitality and leisure sectors are growing at great rates.

“It took a while to convince my family ’cause we used to not really pay much for music, but now my old man is blown away by how it’s become a big community drawcard,” said Andy.

“It’s paying for itself and more with people staying for one or two more drinks…and they’re still here at midnight.

It’s creating such a vibe and it’s always busy on Wednesday night and they are coming week after week.”

So much so in fact that Wednesday night song activity can be three times that of a Sunday. The most popular song? 1973’s ‘Band On The Run’ by Paul McCartney & Wings.

It’s also provided Andy with some insight into his customer demographics.

“We have the same age group coming on a weekend for wine and the music being picked is contemporary and young and they are picking a lot of the hot hits, so more of a touristy feel.”

It’s about creating a better atmosphere at the bar with music, and crowdDJ® allows the style of music to adapt quickly to changing demographics if needed.

It also helps to reduce the costs associated with live entertainment and DJs.

This is how it’s helping a suburban hotel in Perth as well.

Brooklands Tavern, WA

A retired jukebox prompted Brooklands Tavern Venue Manager Kerri Smith to look at alternatives. When she learned of crowdDJ® she suspected it would be perfect for the hotel.

“When I heard about crowdDJ® I thought it was something different, and I was really excited about it. I know that my customer base is right into music, they’re very passionate and absolutely love it.”

Brooklands Tavern in Southern Rivers, WA

With 2108 customer music picks in the first month, there’s no doubt this was the right solution for Brooklands, with an average of over 4 hours of music chosen every day. The most popular song? Aussie classic ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC.

Her tip? Encouraging customers and staff to download the crowdDJ® app when the system is first installed; most of Brooklands’ music is chosen on smartphones. She also credits this great outcome with the community atmosphere in the tavern, located in the southern suburbs of Perth.

“I do think people are putting an extra couple of songs on and having another pint. It’s a cosy little pub, everyone gets in on the banter and I’m always asking, ‘Who picked that song?’ and getting a shout back from someone.”

Looking for inspiration?

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