Group training music playlists revealed

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Fitness Show reveals exciting group training playlists

Nightlife’s group training music playlists made hearts race when they were revealed at Australia’s ultimate event for health, wealth and fitness, The Fitness Show Sydney.

With group training #2 in worldwide fitness trends1., four unique playlists were designed specifically, considering song content and style, BPM (beats per minute) and intensity to create a simple and comprehensive solution for this style of training.

Sam Merza, National Fitness Manager at Genesis says that this mode of exercise, which is used in their Coaching Zone initiative, is so popular because of the community feeling, the affordability and the fun factor.

Sam Merza, National Fitness Manager at Genesis

“We know that fitness moves in trends and we’re experiencing great growth with Coaching Zone. Something else may pop up in a few years, but no matter what it is, it’s going to require high energy music playlists.”

“The Nightlife playlists enable trainers to focus more on coaching members, helping them get that extra 10% of effort, and not worry about the music. There’s more fun, laughter, and engagement in Coaching Zone now and that’s helped with retention.”

Almost two-thirds of Australian adults are overweight or obese2., and it can be hard to maintain your resolve particularly for those new to fitness; group training is the perfect antidote.

Some of the action from The Fitness Show, Sydney. Images: The Fitness Show, Facebook.

Music for group training

Nightlife is pioneering the full music solution for group training classes.

Ben Batres, one of the fitness experts at Nightlife and key to initiating the fitness music understands how significant the right sound is for members and trainers.

“We all know that music can have a massive effect on training intensity. The right BPM and style of content can make or break a workout and we are very conscious of how each song in each of the four playlists could affect the overall training session.

It’s one of the reasons we engaged our resident DJ and music programmer Stuart Green to curate these lists – not just initially but ongoing as the lists grow and evolve. It’s not set and forget; we’re constantly refreshing these playlists to ensure they continue to hit the mark.”

And trainers are taking note.

“It’s very simple; we’re trainers, we’re not DJs. We don’t know music that well, we leave that to the experts at Nightlife,” said Sam.

“We help people exercise and get fantastic results, but what we’re not good at is DJing, so what I want to be able to do is, very simply, click a button.”

Sample playlists

Here’s a quick preview of the type of tracks in each of our group fitness lists:

CARDIO – for high energy beats

HIIT – for fast-paced high intensity

MOTIVATE – for strength and conditioning

BALANCE – for cool-downs, core, yoga, and pilates

1.The complete ‘Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2018’ are: (as reported by ACSMs Health & Fitness Journal, November/December 2017)
2‘Our health report is in – and here’s what we can learn’: (as reported by Australian Insitute of Health and Welfare, June 2018)
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