Celebrate Mother's Day

Venue Management

Mother’s Day [Calendar Series]

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday May 12th this year and we want to make sure you have everything you need to create a fitting environment for all the mums in your space.

Digital Advertising

Ready-made advertising slides and backdrops are available on the Manage My Nightlife web app and on your update disc. These are easy to load and can be scheduled for the specific date and time you require – whether it’s a flash sale just for the day, promotion for an event in advance, or throughout the month of May.

If you’re looking for a more flexible backdrop, check out our library of Text-Over-Image slides. There’s a range available including one for Mother’s Day which can be customised to suit your specific event and program details. Simply type in your text to promote gym classes, one-day-only specials,  pamper packages, morning tea or just a general message of gratitude. Again, these can be scheduled in advance, on the day, or throughout the month, and you can use this feature for any event or special at any time of year.

Create a promo for Mother's Day with our Digital Advertising platform
Easily create a promo for Mother’s Day with our Digital Advertising platform


With your Nightlife system you can tailor an atmosphere-enhancing Mother’s Day soundtrack to perfectly suit your restaurant, café or designated dining area.
You have access to a range of specially crafted dining playlists such as LITEnEASY, ITALIAN, FRENCH, JAZZ, CLASSICAL, SOUL_DINE and FINE_DINE. We also have available our MOTHERSDAY playlist which includes radio and pop hits from the likes of Adele, Bruno Mars and James Blunt.

For a truly democratic playlist and a lot of fun, fire up your crowdDJ Kiosk! There’s no better way to ensure everyone’s favourite songs play than if they pick them themselves.

If you need a hand creating slides, changing your music schedule, or just want to run through some training please give us a call on 1800 773 468 to discuss. 

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